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Fort George Training Weekend

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  • Tom Fournier
    Good Morning List I have been somewhat on the periphery of this whole thing and will try to offer some insights. The schools are not mine, the decisions are
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2009
      Good Morning List

      I have been somewhat on the periphery of this whole thing and will
      try to offer some insights. The schools are not mine, the decisions
      are not mine but we have worked to support the Crown Forces and
      hobby at large wherever we might and that included offering some
      perspective on what we did in the spring of 2008.

      In 2008 the 41st Regiment and Royal Scots Grens worked together to
      offer a spring training/garrison weekend at Fort George for an
      opportunity to shake off the winter rust, enjoy a truly wonderful
      site and build some goodwill and friendships between units. Despite
      relatively short notice and a weather forecast that promised spring
      rains we still had a nice representation of units and soldiers and
      it was wonderful to see the fort come alive.

      For 2009, the idea was kicked around on a variety of fronts to
      potentially combine the annual Officer & NCO School with an all
      ranks training day all in one weekend at Fort George.

      The basic scenario was that Fort George would be available to those
      wishing to arrive Friday night to sleep in a heated barracks
      building. Others could day trip for the Officers & NCO School on

      Fort George would then be available for late Saturday
      afternoon/evening arrivals for any units wishing to participate in
      the training day on the Sunday.

      The opportunity would be for units to work out on Sunday in the vast
      spaces inside and outside the environs of Fort George. Not only
      could rust be shaken off but also any new concepts or movements
      covered in the Officer and NCO School on the Saturday could be
      immediately passed on to and practiced by individual units on the
      Sunday. Finally if there are sufficient numbers and if time
      permits, some efforts could be made at some Battalion drill.

      In terms of choice of weekends, the availability of the fort had to
      be considered. The first weekend in April was considered too early
      from a weather and stability of the ground perspective. If I recall
      correctly, the next weekend is Easter. The following weekend would
      be ideal as it would be 2 weeks before Longwoods BUT many members of
      this list and the 1812 community also do WW1 and that is their
      spring weekend for 2009. That left only the one weekend, less than
      ideal but still quite workable.

      For those that can come and take advantage of the opportunity, it
      should be a marvelous weekend. For those that cannot then we look
      forward to catching up with them at Longwoods.

      I think this can be a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a great site
      which has not been able to host an 1812 event for several years now
      and also to build upon an excellent notion of an annual Officer &
      NCO training day that can be expanded to include far more ranks.

      YOur most humble and obedient Servant,

      Tom Fournier, Captain
      41st Regiment of Foot
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