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Re: April 26th Drill day

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  • Dave Westhouse
    And all those concerns were considered when this weekend was developed. Unfortunately other weekends were just not available at the fort. It was the desire of
    Message 1 of 8 , Jan 4, 2009
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      And all those concerns were considered when this weekend was
      developed. Unfortunately other weekends were just not available at the
      fort. It was the desire of many to move it away from Longwoods but it
      just didn't work out.

      If you can't make it, you can't make it. It is not mandatory for the
      'guys' to come out to it but it gives the opportunity to, as you guys
      put it 'shake off the stupids'. Lots of units have drill days, this is
      an opportunity to have them all together.

      Yes, Fort George is a bit further than say another location but it was
      the atmosphere we were looking for, and the hospitality. ie. Dave, the
      fort staff and Parks Canada.

      It is a bit of a drive but you know what? You are in re-enacting and
      it takes a drive to get anywhere and sometimes you just gotta do what
      ya gotta do.

      If future years maybe it can be moved, in 2009 it couldn't. It was
      noted but could not be moved.

      If you can make it, we'd love to have you. The 41st will make it worth
      your while if you drive out Saturday evening and stay at the fort.
      (you can hang out for longer and have a wee nip at their fund raising

      Again, not an official report and so forth and so on, blah.. blah.. blah.

      The NCO school is not that old but it did start off further away from
      Longwoods and slowly crept toward it to the point that it was the
      previous weekend the last two years. Now with advance notice maybe it
      can be pushed back again. We did try for this year.


      April 9-10 . . . Crown Forces School, Fort York - Toronto, ON
      May 7-8 . . . Battle of Longwoods - London ON

      Apr 22-23 . . . Crown Forces School - Fort York, Toronto, ON
      May 6-7 . . . Longwoods - London, ON

      Sat Apr 28 . . Infantry Officer & NCO School of Instruction
      May 5-6 . . . Longwoods - London, ON

      April 26 . . . Officer/NCO School, Fort York - Toronto, ON
      May 3-4 . . . Battle of Longwoods - London, ON

      Re: April 26th Drill day

      Hi Kevin,
      Thanks for that note. It all makes sense now. However, in a few
      brief discussions with some of our guys, we've noted the following
      concerns with this drill day:

      1 - it's the weekend before Longwoods. As you know, this is our
      event, and a lot of our guys have roles to play in it. This becomes
      a time cruch, therefore. In the past, on the Sunday before the
      event, we've usually held a drill session at the site, so that we
      could "shake off the stupids" but also so we could walk the site,
      address last minutes concerns, make plans, and the like.

      2 - it's a one day event. From London, Fort George is about a 2.5
      hour drive, and of course it's longer from Kent County. Most of our
      guys don't mind driving, but it's had to justify driving five hours
      for a couple of hours worth of drill.

      I realize that other things get in the way of planning (such as other
      time periods), but I think that the timing of this event is going to
      make it impossible for most of our guys to make it. (In fact, I
      would love to see the NCO school moved much earlier in the year.)
      Nevertheless, I hope other groups, perhaps ones that are closer to
      the Fort, are able to make the day worthwhile.


      --- In WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com, "Kevin Windsor"
      <kevin.windsor@...> wrote:
      > Hi Chris, the drill day at the fort is not an "all up" thing that
      we have
      > discussed and voted on as a committee of units. It is, however,
      > strongly encouraged for a few reasons.
      > It lets us shake off the stupids before the bulk of the season
      starts. (as
      > a Brigade)
      > It lets us immediately start teaching the new stuff from the
      > school
      > Also Bob and Dave have graciously opened "their" fort to us, and
      while it
      > gives people something to look at before the main tourist season
      starts, it
      > does mean staff involvement and $$ to open, staff, interpret, lock
      up and
      > clean up a fort after we have left. (I know you know all of this!)
      > So by encouraging all, many, most, a good portion of units to
      attend it
      > means that the $$ that Parks Canada spends on opening that day
      isn't spent
      > on 10 guys with 3 muskets! It is by no means mandatory, but as it
      is noted,
      > strongly encouraged! Life gets in the way and that is noted and
      > so if some of the Lights can't make it, it is our loss that we
      can't hang
      > out together.
      > Please note this isn't an official communication from anyone with
      any power
      > to make decisions and the Crown Forces Staff are not responsible
      for the
      > content of this email, blah blah blah, but merely my opinions!
      > KW/89
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