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1812 Re: scenarios

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  • John E. Hesselberg
    Howdy All and a Happy New Year! Speaking on the subject of Scenarios involving freed slaves and those persons of Sub-Saharan African descent (Africa is a
    Message 1 of 34 , Dec 31, 2008
      Howdy All and a Happy New Year!
      Speaking on the subject of Scenarios involving freed slaves and those
      persons of Sub-Saharan African descent (Africa is a continent with a
      few Arab nations) taking part in such scenarios you will have to find
      someone who is willing to do so for the duraion of the scenario or
      event. A few years ago I was prioviledge to portray Major GEneral
      Jas. B. McPherson for the 135th aniversary of the Siege of Vicksburg.
      An older black gentleman presented himself to the reenacotors there
      as a freed slave from the area and that he was on one of the
      General's servants. He was appropriately attired in flannel shirt
      jean clothe trousers cotton suspenders and brogans. Unfortunately for
      me as the last General to present himself at the surender ceremony I
      was passed on this servant. (historically McPhereson was the first
      Union General on site but since I was promissed a mount three years
      in a row, but did not get one any of those times, I was the last to
      arrive as the other generals and their staffs rode to the site) The
      man introduced himself as "Simon" and stated that he was 'my
      Great...yet another of life's many curves that scenario makers throw
      at people! Needless to say he stuck with me throughout the surender
      ceremony two paces to the rear and two to the left. Afterwards we
      were off to town for the establishing of Union Headquarters at the
      Balfour House which still stands today. Since none of the scenario
      was passed on to 'Simon'by the powers that be he decided to emprovise
      upstaging my lines and those of others insisting that 'He' get paid
      for his service before the crowd as we are attempting to conduct our
      part of the scenario.(Bad Form) Luckily I had a total of sixty-three
      cents in my pocket and handed it to him and shut him up so that we
      conducted our scene. After the chearing and applause Simon was gone
      leaving the rest of the reenactors to set up the Headquarters for the
      next phase of the scenario. Later I discovered that he had not been
      part of the scheduled program that he had just showed up and forced
      himself into the program.
      My Point? Be careful- Organize find someone who will accept the part
      and be true to it.
      On another note of Men of Color, our unit portrays the 43rd
      (Monmouthshire) Light Infantry and historically we had in our ranks a
      Black man named, Gibeon Lippett, a Free Black American from Rhode
      Island who sailed to England and joined the 43rd Regt. in 1797 and
      fought through the Peninsula and at New Orleans. So, we have an
      openning.... We will be at New Orleans sans-Lippett hope to see many
      of you there.
    • whittakermp
      Agreed. Ignorance is not bliss. Michael
      Message 34 of 34 , Jan 1, 2009
        Agreed. Ignorance is not bliss.


        --- In WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com, "Sue" <saultcitysoo@...> wrote:
        > I have to agree that we should not re-interpret history to conform to
        > present sensibilities.
        > BUT...if you don't have the knowledge to properly explain the
        > situation, I suggest not doing it. You will only confuse the public,
        > instead of educating them.
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