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  • BritcomHMP@aol.com
    In a message dated 12/3/2008 9:41:40 AM Central Standard Time, mimathews@comcast.net writes: Try looking under Great British Military Disasters. ;-) ...
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      In a message dated 12/3/2008 9:41:40 AM Central Standard Time,
      mimathews@... writes:

      Try looking under "Great British Military Disasters." ;-)

      Well, at least they are 'great!' Seriously though the test of an army is not
      wether or not they loose a battle or campaign but how they pick themselves
      up afterwards.

      Such as troops defeated at New Orleans being shipped back to England, sent
      straight over to Belgium and ariving by forced march on the very morning of

      Oe Marshal Massena's comment on Slamanca "I had the British beaten twice but
      they did not know it".

      Seriously, it was a great experience and honor to be there, capped by a
      powerful memorial service Saturday night at Montcalm's Cross and the Cairn to the
      Black Watch. One would need ice water in their veins not to be moved by the
      sense of duty and devotion felt there. And as we marched silently back to
      camp through the woods, fighting our emotions, you had the sense that the
      spirits in the woods approved.

      With respect to all the brave men,

      Absolutely, and that is what we commemorate, the utimate sacrifice of brave
      (and sometimes not so brave) men, men who sometimes died far from home and far
      from comfort with only their regimental comrades, and sometimes not even
      them close at hand.

      Around 1979 or so The Great War society was formed in the UK, at first it
      was quite small and one of the rules was members had to wear original kit (which
      was still available at Army Surplus Stores back then). The members all had
      close relitives in the Middlesex regiment so this is what they portrayed,
      some of them wearing their grandfathers badges and medal ribbons to portray the
      'Old Contemptables' who were even then dying out quickly.

      One of their first apperances was at the NAM for a special WW1 exhibition
      and there were some real Old Comtemptables there, several of the GWS members
      noticed the old boys looking at them and obviously discussing them and they
      began to feel uncomfortable. They imagined the veterans were not pleased at
      being 'aped' so decided to go over and talk to them, and if that was what they
      thought to disband the group there and then.
      When they went over the veterans got quite emotional and said far from
      thinking they being 'mocked' in some way they were amazed that anyone cared enough
      to do this, that they looked exactly as they remembered their comrades in
      1914 and they fely proud that young people were willing to go to so much
      trouble to commemorate them.

      And that is what we are, living monuments to the people we portray so we had
      better get it right!


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    • Jim & JoAnn Gallen
      Jim, Welcome to the group? We will look forward to your posts. Jim Gallen ... From: To: WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com Subject: 1812
      Message 174 of 174 , Dec 19, 2013
        Welcome to the group?  We will look forward to your posts.
        Jim Gallen

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        Subject: 1812 Introduction
        Date: 18 Dec 2013 22:03:14 -0800


        Hello all,


        My name is Jim Whitley. I'm a longtime reenactor from Charlotte, North Carolina, but new to 1812. My home is the 12th Infantry, a new regiment forming in the mid-Atlantic. I appreciate being allowed to join and hope to absorb much of your collective wisdom in the months ahead.



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