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New book on Naval Artillery

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  • Patrick
    Privateer Media s new book Building 18th Century Naval Artillery is the first in a series of workshop books being written by Damian Siekonic. The author has
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 29, 2008
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      Privateer Media's new book "Building 18th Century Naval Artillery"
      the first in a series of workshop books being written by Damian
      Siekonic. The author has extensive experience building naval
      carriages for 18th century cannon. Since 2000 the cannon and
      carriages he's built have seen regular use aboard tall ships, at
      historic sites and in filmwork, and this book draws on a decade's
      worth of research and practical hands-on experience with functional
      naval artillery.

      Packed with 88 black & white technical drawings and 41 color plates,
      this book provides the reader with detailed information on how to
      adapt cannon carriage plans to nearly any size or type of 18th
      century pattern cannon barrel. Whether for use in building carriages
      for historic sites and museums, for tall ships, for production work
      or for the historian and hobbiest, this book outlines easy to
      understand instructions for obtaining full-scale plans to fit any
      cannon barrel. The book includes sections on:

      Naval Carriage Nomenclature
      Wooden Carriage Components
      Iron Carriage Hardware
      Carriage Assembly
      Gun Tools
      Block & Tackle
      Slow Match
      Swivel Guns
      Barrel Identification Tables
      Mechanical Advantage Tables
      Sample Carriage Plans

      The book is available starting November 1, 2008 and can be purchased
      from Privateer Media for $24.95 plus shipping.

      Retail and museum stores should contact Privateer Media directly for
      wholesale pricing.

      Privateer Media, LLC
      P.O. Box 66
      Center Valley, PA 18034
      sales@privateermedi a.com
      (610) 972 9981
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