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Re: 1812 Parks Canada is bland, dull and boring

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  • Jim Hill
    I shall wade in. Old Fort Erie is not Parks Canada, tis true. We are self-funded, tis true. However, there is only one national standard for this sort of
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 27, 2008
      I shall wade in.

      Old Fort Erie is not Parks Canada, 'tis true.
      We are self-funded, 'tis true.

      However, there is only one national standard for this sort of thing
      in Canada; American list members thank you for your patience.

      If there was an incident involving historic weapons, and the range of
      historic weapons is growing, Parks Canada would eventually get a call
      from the local police. The Explosives Regulatory Division and the
      Canadian Firearms Centre (yeah, those people) defer to Parks Canada
      on the olde fashionede stuffe.
      Are their rules concise and complete? No.
      (How should a shredder be mounted on an MG 42? Is a pool noodle
      acceptable wadding for a 6 pdr AT Gun? Where should you hold the
      match when loading a match lock? When should you wear safety goggles
      when handling a firearm? Which is louder - the Corporal's voice
      giving the commands or the French flintlock firing away from
      spectators at a distance of 6 metres with 70 grains of Fg?) These
      are many of the questions asked of Parks Canada and PC staff, all
      with current full-time jobs, at sites all across Canada, work after
      hours on these questions. Why? Because many of them are re-enactors
      and they love this stuff.

      I think Tom and Tim used the term 'practices'. Although I personally
      discourage Canadians from openly flouting or disparaging PC
      guidelines, this yahoo group is a fantastic place to discuss and
      share decades of experience. This allows the hobby to establish best
      practices. No one has asked you to show up with a nomex suit, safety
      helmet, safety boots, shop googles, ballistics face shield, blast
      gloves, grounding straps, velostat pads, kevlar vest or hockey pads
      (to protect from injuries when the lines close).

      However, there are those who might ask you to bring all that kit, if
      you want to stand within 25 metres of the mag. explosion at Fort Erie.
      No kit - no event.
      As already mentioned, one or two major accidents and reenacting
      activities could be seriously curtailed, on either side of our shared
      border. How about the Firearms Centre or the new and improved
      Firearms Program inventing laws governing reenacting?


      > Fort Erie - which gives the biggest blast of all is the property of
      > Niagara Parks Commission, not PC.
      > Ray H
      > 41st
      > On 27-Oct-08, at 12:49 PM, Colin wrote:
      > > Dull? Bland? Boring?
      > >
      > > Obviously these folks have never been in the heat blast radius
      of a
      > > recreated magazine explosion at Ft. Erie or George, or marched
      > > a field with ground charges exploding all around with rockets
      > > and cannons booming.
      > >
      > > Try interpreting history at a major National Park where OUR
      > > bureaucrats do everything to avoid change and any possibility of
      > > "risk" hoping that they never ruffle any feathers.
      > >
      > > YHOS
      > > C Murphy
      > >
      > >
      > >
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