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  • NINETY3RD@aol.com
    Here are the basic Safety Regs used by my unit, the 93rd. As these are for within our infantry unit, it does not address cavalry or artillery issues per se.
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 3, 1998
      Here are the basic Safety Regs used by my unit, the 93rd. As these are for
      within our infantry unit, it does not address cavalry or artillery issues per

      1. Always treat any firearm as if it is loaded with live ammunition.

      2. No drinking of alcoholic beverages before or during a firing event, nor
      during the day of any opposing sides reenactments. Excessive drinking and/or
      use of controlled substances shall not be tolerated.

      3. No smoking while handling black powder ammunition or gunpowder in any form
      of container. Powder must not be handled within twenty feet of an open fire or

      4. No loading of firearms directly from a powder horn, flask, or other
      container. All loading shall be done using only period style cartridges
      carried in an approved leather cartridge box. Blank cartridges shall not
      contain staples or any matter other than powder, paper and perhaps binding
      string. When possible, blanks should be rolled in blue paper to identify them
      as such as in accordance with period regulations. NO live ammunition shall
      ever be carried for any reason unless on an approved live-shoot event, and
      then only immediately before moving to the firing range. All live rounds will
      be immediately removed after the live fire is finished. Cartridges shall not
      contain more than 120 grains of powder.

      5. All firearms used at an event shall be inspected for suitability,
      mechanical condition and cleanliness prior to the beginning of an event by the
      senior officer present or designated safety officer. Any firearm not passing
      inspection will not be allowed to be fired and/or used until the problems
      connected with the firearm are corrected and presented again for inspection.

      6. Prior to the firing of weapons the ignition system shall be checked by the
      snapping of at least 2 caps or the striking of a pan of powder.

      7. There shall be no clearing or firing of weapons except during designated
      times or by command of senior officer. Vocal warning shall preceed the
      discharge of any firearm being cleared.

      8. No ramrods shall be used during a combat event.

      9. Units engaged shall not fire closer than 15 yards and the minimum firing
      elevation shall be 20 degrees.

      10. All firearms shall be equipped with flashguard and frizzen cover.

      11. No edged weapons shall be carried unsheathed or in fixed position except
      as scripted or by order of senior officer. Pikes, halberds, standard points
      and officers� swords carried as per regulation are excepted.

      12. There shall be no unrehearsed hand to hand combat simulations, thrown
      objects, projectiles or grenades.

      13. Ramrods shall be sprung in their barrels to insure the weapon is empty at
      the end of each firing event.

      14. Campfires shall be properly constructed to minimize possible spread and
      should be supervised as much as possible. Every precaution is to be taken with
      regard to the risk of fire. At least 2 water buckets shall be kept full at
      all times at each campfire.

      15. No food or drink prepared at or brought to an event shall be given, sold
      or traded to any of the general public.

      16. No one except Unit members and their invited guests are allowed inside our
      tents. The camp if at all possible should never be left completely

      17. No firearms on static display shall have bayonets fixed except when
      �piled� by regulation.

      18. Minimum age to carry a firearm is 16 years old. All minors must have
      written parental approval and be accompanied by an adult who is responsible
      for the minor.

      19. Any animals must be kept under close control at all times & must not be
      allowed to roam loose. Dogs are to be kept on a lead at all times. Owners are
      required to immediately clear up all droppings.
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