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Food/After Hours check-in at Grand Tactical

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  • Larry Lozon
    CROWN FORCES NORTH AMERICA Unit Commanders I forward the following: For Your Information Please Inform your Unit s Members L. Lozon ~ AdC Crown Forces North
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 26, 2008
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      Unit Commanders

      I forward the following: For Your Information
      Please Inform your Unit's Members

      L. Lozon ~ AdC
      Crown Forces North America


      ---- Original Message -----
      From: "M Williams" MWilliams(at)mdp.state.md.us

      * All the cutlery, etc. will be supplied for the meal plan.

      * British and Americans will eat together, the location will be on
      the overall map, but essentially is uphill from both camps, about a
      3-4 minute walk

      The meal plan for the event is $25 (US) and will include Saturday
      breakfast, lunch and dinner and Sunday breakfast and lunch. Payment
      is to be made out to Friends of JPPM and received not later than
      Sept. 9, 2008 at :

      Megan Williams
      10515 Mackall Road
      St Leonard, MD 20685 USA

      * I believe Ships Company will be the check-in crew and will staff
      the registration from 10 - 10 on Thursday and Friday and will leave a
      number to call if you are getting in at an alternative time. There
      will be signage up for which entrance to take, etc. This info is in
      the final registration packet that should be out any day now.

      Megan Williams

      ----- Original Message -----
      From: "Myron Peterson" ructic(at)yahoo.com

      We will publish a number to call for those arriving after hours
      (most likely a prepaid cell at our end). However, even if you do not
      have a phone to call from, there will be someone at the registration
      beginning Wednesday round the clock. They may be asleep when you
      arrive, but will be there specifically to assist those who do arrive
      in the wee hours.

      Myron Peterson

      If you plan on arriving late (after 10PM) contact:
      Crown Forces Contact: Ed Seufert l_cpl(at)comcast.net and
      Site Contact: Megan Williams MWilliams(at)mdp.state.md.us
      with your estimated time of arrival.

      Website: www.jefpat.org

      Contacts: ( replace (at) with @ )

      Crown Forces: Ed Seufert l_cpl(at)comcast.net

      US Forces: Steve Abolt sacbg7(at)lynchburg.net

      Naval Interests: Myron Peterson ructic(at)yahoo.com

      Ladies: Jean Peterson JeanMPeterson(at)comcast.net or
      Diane Pry: dianepry(at)comcast.net

      Sutlers: Sue Spencer susan(at)mrsmcleans.com

      Site: Megan Williams MWilliams(at)mdp.state.md.us
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