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Blanket Rolls was: 1812 HMS Detroit

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    Gord, I can t answer for sailors but I did find the following The Naval War of 1812; A Documentary History . Its a memo from the Fleet Captain, Admiral
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      I can't answer for sailors but I did find the following "The Naval War of 1812; A Documentary History". Its a memo from the Fleet Captain, Admiral Codrington, on 11 Sept 1814, regarding the ship's Marines who were being placed into a provisional battalion as well as augmenting the other two battalions. After allocating numbers, the memo reads "The Marine Officers of the respective Ships will land with their Men; The Marines are not to take their Knapsacks but to land with only a Blanket each- To be ready to land at the shortest notice."

      The Marines obviously carried knapsacks as part of their onboard equipment or else Codrington wouldn't have mentioned it. And if the Marines were told to use just blankets at North Point, the possibility exists that the Naval contingent might also have done the same. Need to dig more.

      I also found an order this weekend from DeLacy Evans, Asst Dep QrtrMstr Genl, to Col Thornton who commanded the Light Brigade at Bladensburg. Evans says the brigade is to be in Light Marching Order , "A blanket or greatcoat, extra shirt, pair of shoes, stockings". However its unclear whether these were to be rolled up or to be the only contents of the backpack.

      In Glieg's two books, one mentions the contents as Evans described above to be placed in a knapsack and nothing more and the other does not mention the knapsack.

      What's also interesting in Evans order is that he also mentions "Those Regiments which are furnished with small tins will probably not find it necessary to carry their camp kettles." Is Evans referring to the "D" mess tins?


      Ed Seufert, Cpl
      1812 Royal Marines
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      The best naval portrayal was by the Royal Marines

      Living (camping) under a sail, etc

      don't know if they had blanket rolls

      --- "Gord Deans" wrote:

      "...what about Royal Navy sailors carrying blanket rolls on land?
      Good idea?"

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