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Fwd: 1812 Re: Repro Period Books

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  • Craig Williams
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 27, 2008
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      > Something else that occurred to me after posting this is that
      > books, when purchased could be bought more economically "in boards"
      > meaning, without leather bindings in full, half, or quarter. So the
      > outside of the book could be either plain board or have a
      > decorative paper on it. The richer folk used to have their own
      > bindings put on so that all the books in their library matched.
      > I've seen books like this produced at Williamsburg among other
      > sources.
      > Craig Williams
      > On 26-Jul-08, at 7:30 PM, Craig Williams wrote:
      >> The advances in printing techniques had made the ownership of
      >> newspapers, broadsides, prints (art), leaflets and books, novel or
      >> otherwise, less expensive. The growing number of people from all
      >> classes who could read meant that some would take advantage of
      >> this ability when the opportunity presented itself.
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