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Slightly Off Topic but pertaining to the 1812 GT

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  • Scott McMahon
    Gentlemen of the Crown and US Forces, Sirs, I have recently been alerted to the concerns of Crown Forces units in regards to insurance coverage and horses.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 25, 2008
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      Gentlemen of the Crown and US Forces,

      Sirs, I have recently been alerted to the concerns of Crown
      Forces units in regards to insurance coverage and horses.
      Unfortunately, I do not have a definitive answer as to how to handle
      this particular problem, but I do see a possible loophole. I do
      however, have an answer to the issue of whether or not individual
      horse owners must provide insurance for their mounts to participate
      at the 2008, 1812 Grand Tactical.

      At this point individual horse owners will be covered under
      the same rulings that cover any other volunteer (Crown or US Forces)
      with Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum provided the horse owner is
      acting under the scope of their duties as a volunteer and is not
      acting in a malicious or negligent manner. I have contacted the park
      and confirmed this with them and have been assured that as long as
      horse owners act within these guidelines they are covered and thus
      are not required to provide any extra coverage. It seems that with
      this coverage, the issue of whether or not existing insurance covers
      one regarding horse issues is a moot point, all volunteers are
      covered with the above caveats.

      Regarding Maryland laws and horse owners, I contacted the
      Maryland Horse Council and it was explained to me that Maryland is a
      Contributory Negligence state. In layman's terms this means that if
      the individual horse owners have signs posted around the picket line
      for example, that warn the public of the danger associated with
      horses and picket lines and a visitor ignores the sign and is injured
      or harmed then they are responsible for their accident and not the
      horse owner. In keeping with this line of thinking I have already
      worked out the issue of signage and will be taking care of that upon
      arrival at the Grand Tactical, but I would encourage all horse owners
      and or riders to be wary of this and keep a watchful eye on not only
      the picket lines but mounted activities as well. I will say that I
      was told by the Maryland Horse Council that even though the law reads
      as explained above there are rare cases where individuals do sue or
      try to sue horse owners, just so that is clear.

      I hope this sheds some light on the issue of insurance and
      private horse owner's participation at the 2008, 1812 Grand Tactical.
      If you have any basic questions feel free to contact me but please be
      aware that I am not a lawyer and as such am not qualified to get into
      a debate over the laws in question nor do I have an unlimited amount
      of time on my hands to visit about this situation. Hopefully all can
      come to an agreement on how to deal with this issue and I sincerely
      look forward to seeing you all in September at the GT!

      Scott McMahon
      ADC to Col. Abolt
      7th USI
      Southern Division
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