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Re: Surplus 41st Supplies for sale/Chalmette/Ogdensburg

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    In a message dated 02/1/2000 7:24:02 PM, fullerfamily@sprintmail.com writes:
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 3, 2000
      In a message dated 02/1/2000 7:24:02 PM, fullerfamily@... writes:

      << Speaking of inopportune times, who on ye list is going to Chalmette this

      week, and how? >>

      "Chalmette? It's toooo FARRRRR.. It costs toooooo much to get therrrrrreee!!!
      They don't let us shooooot at each other....they have ruuuules..."

      Yes indeed, I am going! Flying in (and NO I am NOT rich!) from Los Angeles,
      Another chap with the Royal Engineers, also from L.A., is flying in (he's on
      this list and may speak up!), we have one member of the 93rd coming in by
      train from Georgia, one by bus (I think) from San Antonio, TX, others are
      driving their vehicles from North Texas, Oklahoma and Indiana, as well as
      closer areas of Louisiana and Alabama. One chap of the 4th Reg't is driving
      in from Chicago if I recall.

      Always a good time no matter what -- and I have been going EVERY year since

      93rd SHRoFLHU
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