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1812 and all that -- credits and keys

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    Please contact Anne Martin directly if you have anything to add, edit or delete. anne@ontopoftheworld.net Thanks! David Brunelle Hi Everyone: Could you please
    Message 1 of 1 , May 29, 2008
      Please contact Anne Martin directly if you have anything to add, edit or delete. anne@...


      David Brunelle

      Hi Everyone:

      Could you please give this your urgent attention and review the following carefully even if you were not interviewed for the current series of vignettes on "1812 and all that..." We are now into the final stretch re music, script and keys.

      1. Would you please carefully review the following for the keys that will be used with your interview. Please check I have spelled your name correctly and also that your title and name of the organization/museum, etc., you represent is also correct and/or give me the preferred title/organizaton. Please bear in mind that there is limited room for keys. They have to be done on two lines only. If your key and information is correct, please let me know.

      2. Additionally can you give me the names of any re-enactment groups that you know were involved in your event (Wasaga, Nottawasaga, Fanshawe 1812, Provincial Marines) and include Canadian, British, American and Native organizations, so that we can give them a mention in the closing credits.

      3. There will also be a "special thanks section" acknowledging individuals who assisted with research, additional footage, graphics, etc. Please check the information is correct if you are included and/or feel free to suggest someone or an organization that you think we should include.

      Many thanks for your prompt attention to this. Cheers. Anne.

      Interviews -- names and keys:

      Dave Brunelle, Co-ordinator, Wasaga Under Siege

      Dave Benson, Heritage Coordinator, Chatham-Kent (or David??)

      Jim Gilbert, Local Historian (???)

      John MacLeod, Cultural Resources Specialist, Fort Malden National Historic Site of Canada

      Peter Rindlisbacher, Re-enactor, Provincial Marines of Amherstburg

      Father William Bradley, Rector, St. John's Anglican Church, Sandwich (or Bill??)

      Michael Baker, Curator, Elgin County Museum (or Mike???)

      Keith Abbott, Wool Dyer, (Re-enactment organization??)

      Bob Blakeley, Author, The Civilian Soldier

      Sheila Johnson, Executive Director, Fanshawe Pioneer Village

      David Westhouse, Captain Oxford Militia, Upper Thames Military Re-enactment Society (or Dave???)

      Madelyn Della Valle, Assistant Curator, Windsor's Community Museum

      Sheila Gibbs, Author, The Ghosts of Chatham-Kent

      Cathy Luke, Historical Interpreter, Eldon House

      Re-enactment Groups for closing credits:

      Royal Scots Grenadiers

      British Provincial Marines of Amherstburg

      Names of participating groups at Wasaga and Nottawasaga -- British, US and Native???

      Special thanks for closing credits:

      Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership, VIA Rail, Park House Museum, Idlewyld Inn, Marty Rice, Sandra Bradt,Valerie Buckie, Lyn Downer, Joy Sim, RetroSuites

      Additional footage and graphics:

      Peter Rindlisbacher -- Historical Marine Artist

      Don Hebranson

      Museum London, Fairfield Museum

      Anne Martin
      Award-winning Travel TV, Video & DVD production, Destination Marketing
      On Top of the World, Railway Adventures across Canada, 1812 and all that...
      and Journeys through the British Isles.
      2005 Starwood Outstanding Achievement Award
      2006 AMTEC Media Technology in Education Award
      President TMAC (Travel Media Association of Canada) 1995-1999
      Tel: 416/969-9390

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