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Re: 1812 Fort Meigs - First Siege

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    There is not much I can add to what has already been said about this past weekend s event at Fort Meigs. What a truly awesome weekend! I will add my thanks on
    Message 1 of 2 , May 27, 2008
      There is not much I can add to what has already been said about this past weekend's event at Fort Meigs. What a truly awesome weekend!
      I will add my thanks on behalf of the Grenadier Company of the 1st Foot to all those who participated in making this event the success that it is year after year. You should know just how much we appreciate the work that you do and that we will continue to support this event.
      My admiration and compliments are extended to Colonel Hobbs for the gallant and capable manner with which he commanded the British forces in the face of very strong opposition from a determined foe, ably commanded by Rob Trumbell and Martin Land.
      My compliments go out to Capt's Fournier and Mcleod as well and the men under their command. What a pleasure, gentlemen to share the weekend with you, once again.
      Mr's Dubbeld and Gilmore.....always a pleasure!
      Huzzah, huzzah, huzzah!


      Hal Dennison, Captain
      1st (Royal Scots) Rgmt

      Ray Hobbs <ray.hobbs@...> wrote:
      As CO for the week-end, may I add my thanks and praise for the
      participants in a wonderful week-end.
      The Crown Forces were most ably represented by a Company of Detachments
      officered by Captain Dennison of the 1st Royal Scots Grenadiers. They
      were augmented by members of the Wattenwyl (Watteville) Regiment, the
      4th Regt of Foot, the 10th RVB and the 41st Light Company.
      Captain Fournier of the 41st Foot led a fine company of men of that
      Captain Mcleod of Fort Malden led a highly skilled company of
      Caldwell's Rangers.
      Added to this were a valuable body of our brave Native Allies, who,
      wile protecting my right flank in the Sunday battle, suffered large
      casualties. Sacheem, I offer my respects and thanks.
      We were aided most suitably by Captain Dubbeld of the Royal Artillery,
      and Adjutant for the week-end was Captain Gilmour of the Royal
      Added to our number as an astute learner and observer was Commander
      Maurice Lemieux, RN.
      All performed exceptionally well on the field, and the score was 1-1 at
      the end of the week-end.
      Our American hosts, though serving as our "enemy" were nothing but
      gracious in their extension of hospitality. Captain Land (Marty to his
      friends) and Tamia, Rick Finch of Ft Meigs, and Rob Trumbull proved
      worthy opponents on the field of battle, yet grace embodied after the
      hostilities ceased.
      I have lost count of my attendances at the First Siege event at Fort
      Meigs. It is one of my very favourite sites, and it offers a great
      example of cooperation among Canadian and British units, and warm-felt
      I would be remiss not to mention the splendid work done by the camp
      followers of all units who worked tirelessly to keep us fed and happy.
      In my memory it was a near-perfect week-end of "hobbying".
      Thanks to all who participated, and Huzzah!
      I remain, your most Humble and Obedt Svt
      Ray Hobbs
      Hon Col.
      41st Regt.

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