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Fw: Horse Rental 2008 Grand Tactical

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  • Larry Lozon
    ============================== 1812 FORCES NORTH AMERICA Unit Commanders Please Inform your Members ============================== I am requested to forward
    Message 1 of 2 , May 4, 2008

      Unit Commanders

      Please Inform your Members


      I am requested to forward
      the following

      L. Lozon ~ AdC
      Crown Forces North America


      Could you please post the attachment on horse rental...?


      Ken Hall

      The following information applies only to those horses that are being
      rented through Ken Hall as coordinator for the mounted portion of the
      2008 Grand Tactical. It is intended only for those who are renting as
      staff or cavalry. It does not apply to anyone bring their own mounts
      to the event and who are NOT a part of the cavalry arm.

      At the present time those who have indicated that they intend to rent
      through Ken Hall are as follows:

      Crown Staff - Peter Twist, Craig Williams
      British Cavalry - 18th Light Dragoons
      US Staff - Craig Fisher

      Rental Horse Information for the 2008 Grand Tactical


      I have spent the last month working on the details of the rental
      horse program for the Grand Tactical at Jefferson-Patterson State
      Park in September. I will now share with you those details so that
      you can begin your planning if you intend to ride and need a rental.

      The present estimated cost of the rental for the weekend is $225.00.
      This will be for a Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon usage. The
      horses usually come in sometime after 12:00 noon on Friday and leave
      after the last tactical on Sunday. This also includes the cost of hay
      for the animals based on about a bale a day.

      Note that I say estimated. That is because we are still several
      months away from the event. Gas prices and the cost of hay may effect
      the above number, but should not change it by more then $25.00 for
      the weekend. And just so everyone knows, no one but the provider will
      be making any money on these rentals. You will be charged only actual
      costs. So if hay at that time is $2.00 a bale, your cost will be
      based on that.

      Our provider can bring as many as 25 mounts. He lives fairly close to
      the event and can make more then one haul with his rig to Jeff-Patt
      if necessary but, of course, wants to keep driving to a minimum. With
      that large a number of rentals, do not expect everyone to get "the
      perfect horse", i.e. good-looking, well groomed and totally adapted
      to the battlefield. Most of these animals are Tennessee Walkers (they
      will be 4 gaited) and are used for quail hunting, thus the
      familiarity with gunfire. They will come with a halter, lead and
      bridle and bit that they are comfortable with, but this will not be
      period correct tack. The halters will most likely be nylon, for
      example. If you wish to have your animal in period correct tack, or
      at least close, you will need to provide this yourself. Also, very
      few English saddles will be available. I would plan on borrowing or
      bringing one of your own that you are comfortable with rather then
      depending on the provider. For those flying in to the event and
      having luggage restrictions, you will need to notify me and I will
      see what we can do on acquiring additional saddles. This will be done
      on a prioritized basis, mounting senior officers first on both sides,
      then the troops from the UK and then junior officers and other staff.
      The more saddles you can come up with among your group, the better
      off we will all be.

      I will publish a date by which you must pay the full amount of the
      rental. The provider has not specified this yet but I would imagine
      it would be by sometime in August so he can start getting his animals
      ready (though it could be earlier). Your check will be made out to
      Ken Hall and will be held in an account I will set up for the event.
      I will pay the provider in one check for the total rental and will
      pay the hay provider similarly. IF you have not paid by the cut off
      date, no horse will be ordered for you. If you are ill or injured or
      can not ride and I am notified by a specific time before the event
      (probably 24 hours before the horses are due to arrive on site) then
      your rental will be canceled and the entire amount of your check
      refunded. If you end up deciding not to ride for one reason or
      another and your rental has been hauled to the event, you WILL BE
      CHARGED for the full cost. NO REFUND once the horse is at the event.
      If you can find someone else to take the animal and you two can work
      out an agreement, then that is fine but the check you sent will be
      the money used to pay for the horse.

      The numbers we are dealing with are very large for this type of
      rental and the conditions we are working under, i.e. a tactical event
      with gunfire and not a trail ride, are difficult. Therefore I will
      require you to rate yourself as a rider according to the following

      Green- have ridden some but not frequently, feel comfortable at the
      walk and the sitting trot but have not galloped often and would feel
      uncomfortable with a horse at that speed.

      Some Experience- have ridden often and have a good seat, comfortable
      at all three gaits but have no experience (or very little) in
      fighting on horseback.

      Experienced- horseowner and/or mounted re-enactor and have engaged in
      combat on horseback.
      I would not expect senior staff to do much more then walk-trot. Staff
      should be prepared to gallop carrying messages and true cavalry MUST
      be able to fight on horseback.

      Please include your rating with the letter containing your rental
      If you are registering as a group, rate each rider individually after
      their name.

      Horses will be distributed on Friday afternoon. You and/or your groom
      (more on this later) need to be on site to help unload and take hoses
      to the picket line. Most of the remainder of that day will be spent
      on finding suitable rider/horse combinations. The better, easier to
      ride animals will be given to the green rated riders so if you are an
      experienced horseman, expect to get the more challenging animals. We
      will also fit tack at this time and explain the picket line detail.
      EXPECT this all to take some time and you will also need time to ride
      just so you can get familiar with your horse. Friday will be a long
      and involved day if we are going to do this right. So plan your
      schedule accordingly.

      I will have the final word on who is riding what horse and, in the
      end, if you are capable of taking the field at all mounted. Please
      bear all this in mind. With these numbers, I will insist on absolute
      safety for horse and rider That is what you want anyway, as your life
      might depend on it.

      Horse Care

      I am using this as a general category to explain how things are going
      to be done in the cavalry camp.
      We will be picketing all the horses together. Crown Forces on one end
      of the line, US on the other. As we are getting all the rental horses
      from one herd, they are accustomed to each other, which will be of
      benefit in sorting out the "trouble some" animals and keeping them
      away from the others (on one end of the line). Private horses will be
      kept away from the rentals so there is not conflict with them. We
      have rings that will keep them in one place on the line to aid this.
      An actually, I have seen up to 15 of this provider's animals on the
      line together with little or no problem. In fact, some you can leave
      on the line alone with no other horse in camp and they fine. This is
      very unusual.

      Both Crown Forces and US Forces troops will be camped together. I
      realize that this is not according to the Castermentation policy, but
      it is the best way to handle the situation. We can distribute hay
      from one location, have our picket line details work together and
      have the line watched while horses are on it and there is no picket
      watch designated (as in during the day). Plus there is only one good
      camping and picketing location for the horses anyway.
      Reveille in the cavalry camp is at 6:00 am. Horses are watered, fed
      and groomed, and the picket line is mucked out between then and
      breakfast. After the meal horses are tacked and the troops will go
      about their daily routine. Having the entire cavalry camp work
      together will make this go much easier. I have had 20 years of
      experience in working this type of program and know this way is best,
      especially with this size of group.

      During the day you will responsible for your horse's care. All the
      above duties plus cool down after riding, watering regularly and
      grazing in hand when possible.

      You and a partner will also have a designated watch on Friday and
      Saturday night. The watch will be between 9:00 pm and 6:00 am in one-
      hour shifts. ALL RIDERS will be required to stand their watch.

      I realize that senior officers have additional duties that make much
      of the above horse care tasks difficult for them to do. Therefore,
      you may designate a groom who will take over your obligations. This
      needs to be a re-enactor who is comfortable around horses. They do
      not have to be a rider, but MUST be competent in leading a horse in
      hand, feeding and watering, grooming, foot care and tacking. They can
      also stand your watch. This individual CANNOT be one of the
      cavalrymen in camp who also has responsibility for his animal.

      Any senior officer who intends to use a groom will need to give me
      that individual's name and contact information with the rental check.
      I will contact them to make sure that they understand their
      Your rental is your responsibility from the time you take it off the
      trailer Friday to the time it goes back on Sunday. IF you feel that
      you can not fulfill these horse responsibilities and can not provide
      a groom, then you should not rent a horse.

      It WILL NOT BE the job of the cavalry to be grooms for anyone's
      horses but their own.

      There will be a meeting on Friday night of all riders and grooms to
      go over the necessary details of the mounted program and horse care
      for the weekend. The time will be announced at a later date and will
      not conflict with other staff meetings.

      We will have access to both vet and farrier services, though most of
      the rental horses are not shod. You will be responsible for your
      horse's health and if you cause injury to it through your/grooms
      negligence, you will be obligated for the veterinarian bill.

      I have been given the duty of making the mounted portion of this
      event work. I intend to do it. And do it safely.
      If you have any questions regarding the above information, please
      feel free to email or call. I am the sole point of contact for this
      part of the 2008 Grand.

      My staff is as follows:

      Lt. Mike Bosworth, Cavalry ADC
      Sgt Major Andrew Finch, Senior NCO
      Kenneth Hall, Brevet Major
      Commander, US Mounted Forces, Chesapeake Bay Region
      Master of Horse, Crown Forces
      Mounted Program Coordinator, 2008 Grand Tactical
      853 Brunstetter Road
      Warren, OH 44481
      330-360-8640 (cell)
    • Larry Lozon
      ERROR should read: Master of Horse Ken Hall khall1207 (at) neo.rr.com Kenneth Hall, Brevet Major Commander, US Mounted Forces, Chesapeake Bay Region Master of
      Message 2 of 2 , May 4, 2008
        ERROR should read:

        Master of Horse
        Ken Hall
        khall1207 (at) neo.rr.com

        Kenneth Hall, Brevet Major
        Commander, US Mounted Forces, Chesapeake Bay Region
        Master of Horse, Crown Forces
        Mounted Program Coordinator, 2008 Grand Tactical
        853 Brunstetter Road
        Warren, OH 44481
        330-360-8640 (cell)
        khall1207 (at) neo.rr.com
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