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Re: 1812 Some Grand Tactical Answers

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  • Bob Dorian
    Col. B., Have a great time! Bob D. aka GRATIOT, US Engineer HQ93rd@aol.com wrote: And we are doing all that and more in Sunny So Cal this very weekend at Anza.
    Message 1 of 7 , Apr 30, 2008
      Col. B.,

      Have a great time!

      Bob D.
      aka GRATIOT, US Engineer

      HQ93rd@... wrote:

      And we are doing all that and more in Sunny So Cal this very weekend at Anza.
      (Oooooo noo shhh! dont mention that!)


      93rd SHRoFLHU
      THE Thin Red Line

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      Sent: Tue, 29 Apr 2008 6:28 pm
      Subject: 1812 Some Grand Tactical Answers

      Good evening all!

      To help some of you who are in the event debate stage for this years
      Grand Tactical, please allow me to give you some information. Some
      of this may have been disseminated. Some is new.

      1. Jeff/Pat is a 500 plus acre site. It is an actual 1812 battle
      site. It is pristine and isolated. Yes, there is an asphalt road
      running through the center of the park. (It used to be dirt) But
      the tactical fields are wide and accomodating. No one will have
      to "Rally on the swing set" or "Fall back to the motor homes." :-)

      2. We are featuring tacticals to accomodate all branches of service
      and all levels of skill. This includes, infantry, artillery,
      cavalry, navy. ALL ARE WELCOME!

      The site is bordered by the Patunxent River and St. Leonards Creek.
      Navy types have plenty of room.

      So do all the infantry moving across wide fields, through ravines
      and up rising terrain. A word to the wise, be in shape! :-)

      The cavalry will have plenty of room to gallop, canter, carry
      dispatches, and ride down unsuspecting infantry.

      The artillery will be emplaced along an original battery position
      and duel it out with ships in the river and the British landing
      force at the point of the peninsula.

      3. There will be Taverns for after hours enjoyment. Period music
      will be featured.

      4. A dance is being planned. All who wish can dress in their
      finest and take a turn around the dance floor.

      5. There will be many Ladies activities. There will be classes in
      many social graces areas. There will also be a tea hosted by Sally
      Bennett and the ladies of the Southern Division for all women of
      both sides on Saturday.

      6. The camp areas are wide and easily accessible. British troops
      have a beautiful camp next to the Patunxent River. Current layout
      of the camps, using acreage available, would allow 400 wedge tents
      or more in each camp area. Water points and sanitary facilities are
      close to all camps.

      7. The Cavalry has a camp which is close to water and is shaded for
      the running of picket lines. It is between both the US and Crown
      forces camps. Though each camp is separated from each other, they
      are still close for socializing. They are also close to the main
      sutler area and tavern(s)

      8. Speaking of sutlers. Sue Spencer is coordinating this aspect.
      She has already received registrations and requests for
      registrations. All know how thorough Sue is in her work and the
      goods she purveys.

      9. There are currently four tall ships registered for the event.
      These ships will form the basis of the British Navy and landing
      force for the amphibious assault on Sunday morning.

      10. On Friday evening the tall ships are hosting a sail on the
      Patunxet. There is a cost for this. Interested parties can
      purchase tickets and take a period susnet cruise along the River.

      11. While there are scripted battles there will also be an
      unspripted all morning battle on Sunday. This will include: A
      British amphibious landing, camping in bivouac on the field
      preparing to meet the assault, light infantry fighting through,
      ravines, fields and farm lanes, the taking of prisoners, limited
      ammunition supplies as drawn by lottery before hand, assaulting
      fixed positions, operating against and with cavalry, mobile and
      stationery artillery, a small American gunboat flotilla and a Britsh
      long boat counterpart harrassing the flanks of both armies and
      dropping off troops behind their opponents lines, dismantling split
      rail fences to build barricades, or forage for firewood,etc,
      etc...I'm not giving everything away here... :-)))

      12. Participants have several choices to meals:

      1. Purchase the meal plan provided by site for $25.
      2. Form individual or company messes
      3. Eat funnel cakes and peanuts from vendors.
      4. Starve.

      13. For those wishing to stay off site you are ten miles from the
      town of Prince Frederick. This is no different than those who
      attend Mississinewa in October and stay in Marion. It is the same
      distance. Prince Frederick has hotels, restaurants, grocery stores,
      and yes, even liquor stores!

      14. For those staying on site and wishing to arrive early our camps
      open for you on Wednesday. You can stay over Sunday night and leave
      Monday if you like.

      I trust this might help you get some more information out to your
      units. We on the planning committee know how expensive this is
      becoming for all of us. We all have to travel. This event is an 11
      hour drive from my home here in south Georgia. If you are spending
      money that money should be spend on something well worth the expense.

      If you have any questions remember you have but to ask a question
      and we'll do our best to get it answered.

      So make your plans to be there! Your friends from the US Southern
      Division are pulling out all the stops. This will be an experience
      you will enjoy!

      Warmest regards,

      Steve Abolt US CO

      Co-Event coordinator

      US Southern Divison

      Cottonbalers, By God!

      visit our website at www.cottonbalers.lynchburg.net


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