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US Artillery at the Grand Tactical

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  • sacbg7
    List, I posted this on the 1812 Progressive Campaigner List. The subject has to do with American Artillery at the Grand Tactical. If some of you are members
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2008

      I posted this on the 1812 Progressive Campaigner List. The subject
      has to do with American Artillery at the Grand Tactical. If some of
      you are members of that list I apologize for the cross-posting. For
      those who are not, here is a small sampling of what those gun
      dragging types portraying artillery can expect.

      Keep Salivating Mr. Yaworsky ;-))


      Sure can! First, the ride share board sounds FANTASTIC!

      Depending on the number of US guns present I am looking at several

      1. For some of the tacticals American guns would be stationery, or
      with a minimal amount of movement.

      Here are some examples.
      The first battle on Saturday morning is the Battle of St. Leonard's
      Creek. It is pretty much a naval affair. But historically the
      American gun battery (where our cannon will at times be posted,)
      duelled with the British fleet at the tip of the peninsula. We plan
      on recreating that. So cannoneers can blaze away at the ships while
      the Navy types sail and shoot. The infantry may be drawn up in
      support on the hill so they can watch the show. Or we evil Division
      commanders will just drill the snot out of them.....

      For the Saturday evening battle, which will simulate the battle for
      Fort Warburton, all American guns will be massed on the hilltop and
      engage in a ship to shore battle with the British fleet in the
      river, until..well, I'll just leave it at that right now :-))

      For the Saturday afternoon battle, which will represent Bladensburg,
      there will be American artillery on the original hilltop battery
      location. The guns which can move, will be forward and coordinate
      movement with the infantry. As the battle develops the mobile guns
      will have to pull back, This means attempting to get guns up the
      slope of a hill. Those individuals manning these guns need to be up
      for a strong pull, or steal some mules along the way ;-)

      As we will be represetning Bladensburg the American positions will
      be overrun as Barney's flotillamen and Marines make their stand.
      The rest of us are running like big dogs ....oh, The taverns and
      sutlers are just on the other side of the hilltop.

      2. I intend the US forces to fight by Divisions. Artillery
      belonging to each Division will remain with them, with the exception
      of Saturday evening when all guns are massed together.

      While artillery will stay with their Divisions all artillery and
      Divisions will subject themselves to the overall command in the
      evolutions of the battle. Division commanders can establish their
      own placements for artillery within their respective theatres during
      Sunday's morning tactical.

      Those pieces that are mobile will assist each Division within their
      theatre of operations. Those that cannot move will be emplaced on
      the hilltop. This will especially come into play with the open ended
      scenario on Sunday morning which will segue into the North Point

      3. Those who have small carronades, or signal guns or swivel guns
      and a boat and wish to do navy will have their option to go British
      or American. All Navy particpants who are in boats must follow the
      appropriate Coast Guard rules. Myron Peterson is coordinating
      this. So, got a gun and a boat? You say you want to sail along the
      river and attempt to throw cannon fire into your opponents flanks,
      well come on down!!!

      4. Again, depending on number of guns, artillerists will either
      camp with their Divisions or have the option of staying on the
      orignal hilltop battery and fortify it. We have plenty of room.
      We are still worknig this out with the site and the Southern
      Division QM staff.

      5. By fortifications I mean we will have plenty of split rail
      fences. The site is also looking into supplying materials for
      making gabions, sans fill.

      As always, we know things will change. Though we are planning big we
      will always adjust to the numbers. All who particpate will have
      plenty to do. No one is going to be shunted aside and see limited

      This is especially true for the Sunday tactical. For those
      artillery pieces that want to manuever they will be assigned to
      thier respective Divisions and will do just that. Those that would
      rather stay in a stationery role may do that.

      We want to be able to showcase everyone's ability, challenge folks,
      have a fantastic time, and build a strong team framework as we move
      towards the Bicentennial.

      All the best,

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