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Dress at 2008 School of the Sailor/ Orders for Officers

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  • suthren@magma.ca
    Naval Establishment Crown Forces North America General Signal March 8th, 2008 Requested Standards of Dress School Of The Sailor 2008 Officers attending the
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      Naval Establishment
      Crown Forces North America

      General Signal
      March 8th, 2008

      Requested Standards of Dress
      School Of The Sailor 2008

      Officers attending the 2008 School Of The Sailor at Discovery Harbour, Penetanguishene, July 18-20, are requested , for the Friday evening and Saturday training schedule to wear seamen's dress, or Undress uniform, in order to take part fully in the instructional and boatwork activities which are being plann'd and put into place with efficiency by Lt. Hurlbut and his staff.

      Seamen may wear summer Straw headdress as they may wish, and may leave off Jackets if hot weather requires, and the agreement of Boat Coxswains is obtained. A general smartness and tidiness of appearance is nonetheless requir'd of All Hands, whether serving forward or aft.

      As evolutions will proceed regardless of foul weather, excepting in that of a dangerous nature, all Hands are to provide themselves with Foul Weather Gear, of period appearance if possible, but of serviceable modern design if not.

      All Hands, including Officers, may adopt the convenience of the soldier's or marine's haversack as a means of carrying personal necessaries for the weekend.

      All officers attending are requested to dress in their best Uniforms for the Sunday, with Swords and Epaulettes if own'd, and this to include the members of the Lieutenancy Board to be convened at One Bell in the Forenoon Watch, Sunday morning.

      The Royal Marine detachment present shall Parade in uniform as the Staff Officer (Marines) shall direct, with a request that Full Dress be worn on the Sunday. Participating infantry detachments are asked to adhere to this as well.

      With the expected attendance of many members of the Public in observance of all our activities, all modern intrusions should not show on any officer or man's person. If glare requires a participant to wear sunglasses, these must be of period design or must be put off.

      Orders For Officers
      School of the Sailor

      The Lieutenancy Board to be formed of the following:

      CDRE V Suthren, Chair
      CAPT G Bibby, Vice Chair
      CDR P Rindlisbacher
      CDR M Pergunas
      A/CDR P Schifferdecker

      LT T Hurlbut to serve as Officer In Charge, 2008 School of the Sailor
      LT K Fisher to attend to Encampment needs as LT Hurlbut may require
      LT D May to attend to Longboat and Sailing Vessel Docking, Line Handling and Liaison as LT Hurlbut may require

      CAPT Bibby, CDR Rindlisbacher, CDR Pergunas and A/CDR Schifferdecker to otherwise undertake duties as may be requested of them by the Commodore or OIC, School of the Sailor, as the exigencies of the Service may require, and the needs of boats or crews which may be under their command.

      I have the Honour to be,
      Yours with great Regard

      Victor Suthren

      Commodore pro tem
      Naval Establishment
      Crown Forces North America


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