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Paid Event Looking for Participants - Celebrate Barrie Festival - June 7th/08

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    Celebrate Barrie Festival, June 7th/08 Barrie, Ontario, Canada PAID EVENT LOOKING FOR RE-ENACTORS, ARTISANS, ENTERTAINERS, ETC. The City of Barrie received
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2008
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      Celebrate Barrie Festival, June 7th/08

      Barrie, Ontario, Canada


      The City of Barrie received excellent feedback from the public last year in
      regards to its 19th Century/War of 1812 encampment and historical displays
      that were set-up during there Celebrate Barrie Festival. They are looking
      to expand the 19th Century/War of 1812 encampment this year to include more
      presenters, displays, period musicians and a tactical arms and drill
      demonstration including period watercraft. We are looking for re-enactors
      to partake in this one day event at Heritage Park in downtown Barrie and are
      specifically looking for the following:

      Fife and Drum Groups

      Period Musicians, Performers and Singers

      Period Demonstrators, Artisans, Entertainers and Merchants

      Native, Voyageur, Buckskinner Units, Individuals & Encampments

      British & American Military Units, Individuals & Encampments

      Artillery Crews and Cannons/Artillery Encampments

      Long Boat Crews and Boats with Cannons/Naval Encampments

      If you have a special unique 19th century talent not listed above we would
      also like to here from you!!!

      This is a paid event for all participants and you will be
      compensated for attending and providing wholesome education and public
      orientated programming. A reminder that this event is a little different
      from normal re-enactments as all participants are being compensated for
      attending and during education and public hours you are required to cater
      and interact with the public. First person interpretations and historical
      portrayals are stressed and encouraged as much as possible.

      If you are available to attend the event please submit a proposal
      with the following information from you or your unit/group:

      1. Name, Address, Postal Code, Phone Number and E-mail address

      2. A description of what you have to offer in regards to talent,
      demonstrations, exhibits, entertainment, encampments etc.

      3. Any promotional materials, pictures, website addresses, flyers, cd's,
      etc. promoting yourself or your group

      4. How many performances, interpretations, and presentations you would
      perform if applicable.

      5. How much it would cost for participating in this one day event.

      6. Please submit your proposals to David J. Brunelle at:

      Email - davidbrunelle@...

      Phone/Fax: 705-549-0463

      Mailing - 23 Byrnes Crescent, Penetanguishene, Ontario,

      Canada, L9M 1W4

      Please submit proposals as soon as possible as the Celebrate
      Barrie Festival Committee will be making decisions on an on going basis as
      to which proposals we will be accepting for the event. I thank you all in
      advance for submitting your proposals as you are more than aware that all
      proposals submitted may not be selected for the event.

      We look forward to receiving everyone's proposals and if you have any
      questions feel free to contact me anytime via davidbrunelle@... or
      phone at 705-549-0463.

      David Brunelle - 705-549-0463

      Co-ordinator Historical Displays/Exhibits

      Celebrate Barrie Festival
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