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"Teachers" was "Students under the age of twenty-five"

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  • Larry Lozon
    To all who responded to my post: Students under the age of twenty-five was Do You have this to deal with in Canada on this Yahoo Group and to my personal
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2008
      To all who responded to my post:

      "Students under the age of twenty-five"
      was "Do You have this to deal with in Canada"

      on this Yahoo Group and to my personal email inbox

      In 1967 while living in Chatham Ontario I was asked to help with
      the "Battle of The Thames" which was the city's Canadian Centennial

      In a few years the "Fair at the Forks" became a yearly event.
      (Possibly Mr. Dickerson can help me with the dates)
      The Chatham event is now "Heritage Days' which is not the same event.

      I worked on the first "Fair at the Forks" event and that is when I
      started to attend schools in the Chatham area and offered a
      'Soldiers of the War of 1812" presentation.

      I dressed the students in USA and Crown uniforms and explained all
      the parts of the soldier's kit.

      We also discussed the Battle of The Thames which happened only a few
      miles from Chatham.

      I was told by a few of the teachers that the War of 1812 was touched
      on but since the curriculum was very full it was impossible to cover
      the War Of 1812 in detail.

      The City of Chatham was also involved in the Underground Railroad,
      Uncle Tom's Cabin, the John Brown Convention, that led to the raid on
      Harper's Ferry, World War 2 German Prisoner of War Camp and other
      historical events, thus the War of 1812 was only one of many
      historical events that happened in or near the City of Chatham.

      I had a band that played every week at a local pub. My piano player
      was an executive of the Kent County Board of Education. I asked him
      why the War of 1812 was not premier in the history course in Kent
      County. He gave me the same answer as many of the teachers
      had . . . . that the course covered too many things to go into the
      War of 1812 in detail.


      Many teachers 'DO' teach more on the War of 1812 than myself, my son
      or the students I visited with the a 'Soldiers of the War of 1812"

      But on the whole, the majority of teachers (in Kent County) did not
      focus on the War of 1812. (My original statement)

      I was also told at that time, by many teachers, that they had spent
      the period before my visit to their class teaching the War of 1812 so
      the students were aware of what I was about to say.

      My accounts are correct for the time I lived in Chatham and my facts
      are correct thus my BOLD STATEMENTS
      (as one email,that was sent to me reads )

      In Conclusion:

      I moved from Chatham in 2000. Up to that time the War of 1812 was
      one of many subjects touched on by teachers of the Kent County Board
      of Education but was not studied in detail.

      The board has since been amalgamated with other counties and I do not
      know what the History Course consists of. The annual event known as
      the "Fair at the Forks" DID make the area more aware of the War of
      1812. As Mr. Dickerson has verified by his attending a class in 2007.

      If you are a teacher who delves into the War of 1812 with your
      students . . .

      Good, hats off to you and huzzah to you! . . .

      I do however stand by my statement,

      that in my dealings with the schools in Chatham, Ontario Canada
      "Not all teachers are as passionate about 1812 as some"

      Thus the battle which raged on October 2, 1813 in the fields of Mark
      Dickerson's farm (Battle of the Thames [Moraviantown])or the War of
      1812 in general was not taught in detail as a rule to the students of
      the Kent County Board of Education . . . save by a few passionate

      Larry Lozon (L2)
      PS: I did not answer any emails that were not signed and some
      proclaimed teachers should use spell check before bitching me out!

      And now back to "Aging Re-enactors" of which I am one . . .
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