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Re: [War Of 1812] God and Generals

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  • tedyeat
    Deus Ex Machina....? Beware of Zeus..... ... what if s and leadership styles of a particular general was that as armchair generals we have the advantage of
    Message 1 of 11 , Nov 27, 2007
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      Deus Ex Machina....? Beware of Zeus.....

      --- In WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com, James Hardwick
      <soldierwolf2003@...> wrote:
      > Sir,
      > I guess what I was trying to relate as the conversation about the
      what if's and leadership styles of a particular general was that as
      armchair generals we have the advantage of studying history.
      Depending on the conflict, it can always be said that "well if this
      general or commander were in charge." I believe the Almighty has
      control as to when we are called home to Heaven (as I believe). That
      being said the men on the ground at the time made the best decisions
      that they could based on their experience and background. Many of
      those leaders had a very profound faith in some higher diety of whom
      the requested guidance or not.
      > How it applies to the war of 1812 is that given the tactical
      situations of each battle, each commander did as they were inspired
      or not. From personal battlefield experience, I know that when I have
      been inspired to certain tactics or schemes of maneuver I have had
      peace of mind and clarity of thought. Oppositely, some of my biggest
      blunders of training exercises have come when I was too inflated of
      my own capabilities and had it not been war games, I would have left
      a widow and 3 orphans.
      > I again did not mean to cause a great debate on religion or the
      lack thereof. I just think that many forget that Divine intervention
      does account for many battles of history in that, only with certain
      impossible odds and circumstances could these events have taken
      place. Two specific that come to mind are Montgomery's ability to get
      on the cliffs on the Plains of Abraham and Operation Overlord. Both
      in which the British and thier Allies took the day and eventually
      turned the tides of war.
      > Warmest respects
      > James
      > David Sigler <dasigler@...> wrote:
      > WEhat does any of this have to do with the War of 1812?
      > david a sigler
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