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Re: Fanshawe after action report

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  • suthren@magma.ca
    Naval Establishment Headquarters Merrickville, U.C. the 4th October 2007 Lieutenant Thomas Hurlbut Commanding Lake Simcoe and Upper Lakes Station Sir I give
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      Naval Establishment Headquarters
      Merrickville, U.C.
      the 4th October 2007

      Lieutenant Thomas Hurlbut
      Lake Simcoe and Upper Lakes Station


      I give you joy of your Communication of the 3rd inst., the which I am pleas'd to enter into the records of the Naval Establishment and apply to the records of the vessels and the People decribed therein.

      It is of singular Merit to your self and to the elements under your Command that their conduct is seen to be of great credit to the Naval Establishment, and I shall be prepared to entertain any proposals for Advancement that may occur to you to bring forward in approbation of that Conduct.

      I shall look forward to your Proposals for the execution of next season's School of the Sailor and observance of the Bayfield surveys, and a Lieutenancy Board, and in such anticipation I remain

      Yours with great Regard

      Victor Suthren

      Commodore pro tem
      Naval Establishment
      Crown Forces North America

      G O D S A V E T H E K I N G .
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      From: Tom Hurlbut
      To: Don McNevin ; Gill Bibby ; 1812RoyalNavy@yahoogroups.com ; Victor Suthren ; Peter Rindlisbacher ; Patrick Schifferdecker ; Mark Pergunas ; David May Sr. ; Gordon Deans ; James Whyte
      Cc: Peter Twist ; HAROLD DENNISON ; Dave Westhouse
      Sent: Wednesday, October 03, 2007 10:20 AM
      Subject: Fanshawe after action report

      Commodore Victor Suthren
      Commanding Officer
      Crown Forces Naval Establishments
      Upper Canada

      Lieutenant Thomas Hurlbut
      Commanding Officer
      Lake Simcoe and Upper Lakes Station
      Admiral Benbow Inn
      Carthew Bay
      Upper Canada.

      After action report.


      I have the great honour to inform you of the successful action fought on Fanshawe Lake on the Upper Thames River on Sunday, September 30, 2007.

      Acting on information received from Captain Dennison of the 1st Royals (Grenadier Coy) stationed near Longwoods, that the forces of the United States were continuing up the Thames after the their successes at Moraviantown, I arranged to have longboats carried overland to assist in the defense of the colony.

      On Saturday, September 29, infantry and marines of the United States moved along the shoreline of the Thames River where they employed gunboats and their ordnance to provide enfilading fire on the Crown's battalions and forced a withdrawal. After successfully extricating his army, Brigadier Twist formulated a plan to halt the enemy using British gunboats on Fanshawe Lake.

      Brigadier Twist confronted the enemy on the heights above the beaches of the lake where the enemy again sought to utilize his boats and their great guns, but I was instructed to intercept and engage them with the forces at my disposal.

      As we were successful in this operation, the forces of the Crown forced the enemy to withdraw downriver.

      I owe the success of this operation to several persons.

      Corporal Westhouse of the 1st (Grenadiers) was in charge of logistical planning for the whole operation and carried off the duty without a flaw. When the boats arrived, facilities for their outfitting were in place, enabling the flotilla to prepare for the battle quickly. Much of the success of the engagement is owed to the logistical planning and its execution.

      Lt David May facilitated the transport of whaleboat Rolette whose presence allowed the forces under my command to confront the enemy head on by providing the necessary numbers.

      Lt. Kenneth Fisher of HMS Charwell provided several pieces of ordnance for the flotilla and served as gunnery officer aboard Ferret. I believe it was the quality of our guns and crews, much of which came from the Charwell, which allowed us to confront the US Navy gunboats and see them off.

      Acting Lieutenant Charles Fitton of the launch Ferret, commanded his boat with great skill. At one time, Ferret was confronted with two enemy gunboats, but Mr. Fitton was able to retain the upper hand.

      While I am certain there were acts of great valour on all the boats of the flotilla, I am only fully aware of the actions of the people of my own command. Dawn Star's Gunner Donald McNevin incorporated the Charwell's gun crew into the boat's fabric seamlessly and receives my commendation.

      My highest praise I reserve for Midshipman James Whyte who coxed Rolette. At one instance, he interposed his command between the flotilla and an enemy gunboat which possessed four times Rolette's weight of metal.

      Sir, the action was carried due to the tools being in place and the exemplary behavior of the people.

      The flotilla consisted of whaleboat Dawn Star (flotilla leader, myself in command), launch Ferret (A/Lt. Charles Fitton commanding) and whaleboat Rolette (Midshipman James Whyte).

      Additional ordnance was provided to the flotilla by HMS Charwell and the Waterloo Draft.

      I remain,
      Your most Humble and Obedient Servant,

      Thomas Hurlbut, Lieutenant
      Upper lakes and Lake Simcoe station.

      Long Live the King!

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