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Warrant Officer

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  • Mark Dickerson
    Here is the origianl reference I found to Warrant Officer, from Rules and Articles for the better government of ALL HIS MAGESTY S FORCES. 1807 Section XVI
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 26, 2007
      Here is the origianl reference I found to Warrant Officer, from Rules and Articles for the better government of ALL HIS MAGESTY'S FORCES. 1807

      Section XVI
      Administration of Justice
      Article XV

      "And wheras the Situation of Officers, not commissioned by Us, or by any of Our General Officers having Authority from Us to grant Commissions, but appointed by Warrant under the Signature of the Colonels or Commandants of the Corps to which they belong, has not been hitherto defined, in regard to their being liable to be tried......
      .....cout martial shall not in any Case consist of less than 5 Commissioned Officers, of whom not more that 2 shall be taken from the Regiment, in which the Warrant Officer to be tried is serving:....
      ....no court martial shall have Authority by their sentence to award corporal punishment, in any case of a Warrant Officer: nor shall a Warrant Officer be liable to be reduced...to seve in an inferior situatuion , unless he shall have been origianally enlistedas a private soldier."

      So I guess, who is a Warrant Officer? It would appear, that it is any person the Colonel of a regiment appoints as an officer, but their commission is not granted by the King. So are these the assistant surgeons, QM's, senior clerks....? But there are officers, and not senior NCO's.

      Mark Dickerson

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      From: Tom Fournier
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      Subject: [War Of 1812] Re: Warrant Officer

      I have not seen the term Warrant Officer used but wonder if it is
      the senior corps of NCOs associated with a regiment.

      Looking at paylists for the 41st from December 1813 and also
      September 1814, I note the following establishment:

      Sergeant Major
      Quarter Master Sergeant
      Pay Master Clerk
      School Master Sergeant
      Drum Major

      I have also seen mention in various communications of a Barracks
      Master but the relative rank (NCO or Officer) is not clear for this

      What have the Royal Scots found?

      Tom Fournier
      41st Regiment of Foot

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