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Re: [War Of 1812] SAFETY INCIDENT - Woodland Indian Re-enactor Arms Burned at Fair at New Boston OH

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  • Craig Williams
    I have little to add to the notes that Susan has forwarded. It is a case of using a possibles or hunting bag for a purpose it wasn t designed for, carrying
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 3, 2007
      I have little to add to the notes that Susan has forwarded.
      It is a case of using a "possibles" or "hunting" bag for a purpose it
      wasn't designed for, carrying cartridges.
      Fortunately, there is plenty of evidence of native warriors carrying
      cartridge boxes during the 1812 War so it shouldn't be a problem for
      us. These fellows, who have excellent impressions usually do Rev War
      and I won't speak to what they are used to there, but as Susan
      pointed out we were told that the unfortunate chap had sewn the flap
      to the strap, perhaps to ease in retrieving rounds, exposing himself
      unnecessarily ?
      I hope to hear more details later. The main thing here is that we
      keep a good thought for Ralph and hope for a speedy recovery.
      We started a collection to help defray the cost for him. I don't
      imagine a Helicopter ride to the hospital is cheap.

      On 3-Sep-07, at 9:05 PM, Susan Spencer wrote:

      > I am sure that Mr. Williams will have considerably more detail (and
      > sage
      > advice) to offer, as he is FAR more experienced with this sort of
      > thing
      > than am I, but, FWIW, we were both there, and we asked an organizer
      > exactly what had happened. The gentleman in question was not using a
      > traditional cartridge pouch of any sort, but instead something more
      > along the lines of a possibles bag, with the flap stitched to the
      > strap. He was an experienced re-enactor -- leading one also to the
      > caveat that "familiarity breeds contempt."
      > If I understood the discussion correctly, it was deemed far more
      > likely
      > that there was loose powder in the bag, and that that was what had
      > ignited, rather than a spark burning through pre-rolled cartridges.
      > Mr.
      > Williams?
      > -- Sioux
      > Gordon Deans wrote:
      > 'Safety requires constant vigilance."
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