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Fanshawe - Are you in?

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  • Dave Westhouse
    Fanshawe Pioneer Village would like to invite you to bring the War of 1812 event to life at the 3rd and last Crown Forces event for 2007. The village is
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      Fanshawe Pioneer Village would like to invite you to bring the War of
      1812 event to life at the 3rd and last Crown Forces event for 2007.
      The village is pulling out all the stops to create a most memorable
      event for re-enactors and an educational and enjoyable time for

      An open education field trip day on Friday, September 28 featuring
      displays, talks, demonstrations, sutlers and a battle skirmish

      Over 30 historic structures in an unspoiled environment allowing one
      to lose themselves in time

      Large battlefield area in excess of 20 acres to provide lots of room
      to move and engage opposing forces and deliver believable tactical
      scenarios with artillery ground charges

      Daily noon-time skirmishes featuring small craft naval engagements
      and beach landings on Fanshawe Lake

      Full Crown Forces regulation camp set up with American forces
      opposite a shared parade square

      Lunch provided Sat & Sun

      Café located on site to provide other meals/snacks/drinks

      Sutlers given priority for space within the village proper.
      Sutlers fees are $25 each. Prime space around the village green and
      business area is first come first served. Sutlers are needed and
      welcome to come early and set up in time for the education day, as
      they are an integral part of the day's fun and enjoyment.

      Volunteers are also asked to help out with displays and stations, or
      general help if they can

      Period dance Saturday evening with dance caller and licensed patio

      Set up anytime after 3pm Thursday, September 27

      Powder allowance for artillery units attending

      Modern conveniences of the city are but a short drive away for those
      in need - ICE is available at the village for a nominal charge

      The village becomes 1812 and staff take on persona to help shape out
      the weekend and bring public into the War of 1812

      Join the excitement and immerse yourself in the time period you
      love and enjoy each weekend. Come and experience Fanshawe 1812 for
      yourself and be a part of history. See the website for more details
      and to register

      To date the following have registered, are you among them?


      Arnold Knives and Forge
      Crude Local Potter
      Faire Tyme Fashions
      La Culotte Du Patriote
      Linda's Early Fashions
      Lion's Den Arms & Antiques
      Little Feathers Beads & Leather Craft
      Miss Linda's Millinery
      Norfolk Mercantile
      Pauline Grondin
      Pioneer Knives
      Rif-Raf Trading
      Slim Pickn's Pickling
      Spencer's Mercantile
      Sutler Cyrus
      The Frontier Popcorn Company


      Crown Forces Staff
      The Drum Corps of the Crown Forces of North America
      1st (Royal Scots) Regiment - Grenadier Company
      41st Regiment
      49th Regiment
      Incorporated Militia of Upper Canada
      Royal Newfoundland Regiment
      Glengarry Light Infantry Fencibles
      Caldwell's Rangers
      Provincial Marine
      Norfolk Militia Artillery
      HMS Charwell Gun Crew
      HMS Ferret / The Waterloo Draft
      HMS Royal George Boat's Crew and Landing Party


      11th U.S. Infantry
      22nd U.S. Infantry, Henderson' Company, Scott's Brigade
      25th U.S. Infantry
      1st Rifle Regiment, Kentucky Volunteers

      His Majesty's Native Allies

      British Native Allies
      British Indian Department

      Dave Westhouse
      Fanshawe 1812 - The Invasion of Upper Canada
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