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Recreated Groups that are represented on the Yahoo 1812 OneList v. 1.2

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  • Michael Mathews
    One addition, one deletion. -- Michael, Keeper of the List ... Recreated Groups that are represented on the Yahoo 1812 OneList
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2007
      One addition, one deletion. -- Michael, Keeper of the List

      Recreated Groups that are represented on the Yahoo 1812 OneList
      Great Britain
      Royal Navy
      HM Brig Charwell
      HM Brig Wolfe
      Schooner Nancy
      Royal Marines: 2nd Battalion
      Upper Canada Provincial Marine (Amherstburg)

      Crown Forces North America Staff
      Pensioners, the Royal Hospital
      The Drums, Crown Forces, 1812
      British Cavalry
      2nd (Royal North British) Dragoons
      14th Light Dragoons
      15th Light Dragoons (Hussars)
      19th Light Dragoons
      British Infantry

      1st Foot Guards
      1st (Royal Scots) Regt. of Foot
      2nd foot regiment (Queens) 1st Battalion, 4th Company
      3rd Regiment of Foot (The Buffs)
      7th (Royal Fusiliers) Regt. of Foot
      8th (King's) Regt. of Foot
      9th (East Norfolk) Regt. of Foot,
      21st (RNBF/Scots Fusiliers) Regt. of Foot
      23rd (Royal Welch Fusiliers) Regt. of Foot
      37th (North Hampshire) Regt of Foot
      41st Regt. of Foot
      43rd Light Infantry
      49th Regt. of Foot
      50th (West Kent) Regt. of Foot
      73rd Regt of Foot
      89th Regt of Foot
      93rd (Sutherland Highlanders) Regt of Foot
      1/95th (Rifles) Regt. of Foot
      3/95th (Rifles) Regt. of Foot

      10th Royal Veteran Battalion

      Royal Engineers
      Foreign Regiments in British Service

      De Meuron's (Swiss) Regt
      De Watteville's (Swiss) Regt
      British North American Regulars

      Royal Newfoundland Fencibles
      Canadian Fencibles
      Glengarry Light Infantry Fencibles
      Canadian Provincial Corps

      Canadian Voltigeurs
      Michigan Fencibles
      Canadian Incorporated, Embodied and Sedentary Militia

      The Incorporated Militia of Upper Canada
      1st Regiment, Kent Militia
      1st Regiment, Lincoln Militia
      Corps of Canadian Voyageurs
      Norfolk Militia Heritage Regiment
      Mississippi Volunteers, Thomas Anderson's Company
      Canadian Corps of Voyageurs, Joseph Rolette's Company

      British Indian Department

      The Republic of the United States
      US Navy

      Ships Company
      Ship's Company of the Roanoke
      Gun Crew, USS Carolina
      Marine Guard, USS Constitution
      American Army
      U.S. Corps of Engineers
      1st U.S. Light Artillery
      American Cavalry

      US Light Dragoons
      Kentucky Light Dragoons (Militia)
      Maryland Light Dragoons (Wilson's Troop)
      2nd U.S. Artillery
      Captain Lucas' Company of Militia Artillery
      Cushing's Company of Artillery
      American Infantry

      1st US Inf. (Clemson-Symmes Company)
      1st US Inf. (Stark's Company)
      4th US Inf.
      6th US Inf.
      7th US Inf.
      15th US Inf.
      17th US Inf.
      19th US Inf.
      20th US Inf.
      21st U.S. Inf. (Treats Company)
      21st U.S. Inf. (Company TBA)
      24th U.S. Inf.
      25th US Inf. (Whiting's Company)
      27th US Inf.

      1st Regt. of Rifles
      Missouri Rangers
      American Militia

      5th Maryland
      Jackson's Lifeguards
      Tennessee Volunteers
      West Tennessee Militia
      Plauche's Battalion - Carabinier Compagnie
      1st MD Rifle BN, Fells Point Rifles
      1st Maryland Rifle Battalion, Baltimore Sharpshooters Company
      Sadtler's Baltimore Yagers Company
      35th Bttn. NH Militia, Cheshire County
      2nd MI Militia (LaCroix's Co.)
      2nd VA Regt, 1813-1815
      2nd KY Volunteers

      French Empire

      7eme Hussards
      21eme Regiment d'Infanterie de Ligne

      He either fears his fate too much,
      Or his deserts are small,
      Who dares not put it to the touch,
      To win or lose it all.
      --Montrose's Toast

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