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Re: [War Of 1812] Accessing the OSHA web site. maze.

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  • tedyeat
    Gordon, Thanks for your comments. I think you are right in getting with folks on your side of the border to make them aware of the situation. Below is
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 6, 2007
      Thanks for your comments. I think you are right in getting with
      folks on your side of the border to make them aware of the situation.
      Below is something I copied that indicates that the OSHA comment
      system went down. It also illustrates how event a govt. contractor
      here wasn't aware of what was coming down. The NRA has clut on this
      side of the border and combined with some folks from Canada, maybe we
      can do something. The 60 day extension for comment would allow you
      folks to get with whoever you need to. Meanwhile, we'll make things
      lively here. My guess is that the folks in the defense industry are
      already calling their lobbyists on K St.. This is sort of like the
      executive Dept. regs tthat went through about passports. You are
      aware how that's going down on both sides of the border. In this case
      we may be able to head something off instead of shut the barn door
      after the horses have escaped.

      T. Yeatman
      Fell's Point Rifles
      Just got off the phone with NRA-ILA, yes they were informed the email
      comment system was broken!
      But on better news, ILA did speak to OSHA today, and they are
      considering extending the comment period another 60 days.
      This is NOT a sure thing, as they are just CONSIDERING doing so.
      Keep the pressure up, conract all your Congress Critters, NOW!

      In other news, even powder makers were caught flat footed on this.
      ATK, the people to make the Alliant Powder line, just found out about
      the proposed new regulations yesterday!
      ATK is a major smokeless powder producer for DOD, and I wonder what
      the DOD thinks about all this!
      This keeps getting more interesting all the time!

      --- In WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com, "Gordon Deans" <gord.deans@...>
      > J-P,
      > I too share your annoyance at the number of messages on this topic
      > across the various websites.
      > However, it finally got my attention and caused me to delve deeper
      > into the matter. If the new regulations (and power grab by OSHA)
      > discourage shippers and transportation from delivering black powder
      > distributors (and across the border), reenacting in Canada will be
      > hard.
      > Currently, there are only TWO GOEX black powder distributors in
      > (British Columbia and Ontario). Presumably, they handle GOEX black
      > powder because there is no Canadian manufacturing source. If they
      > no longer get deliveries into Canada, effectively cannons and
      > will be rendered unusable without our government having to rescind
      > ministerial orders.
      > We can at least make our governments aware of the number of
      > reenactments that will no longer occur and the number of reenactors
      > and tourists from the United States that will no longer visit.
      > This is one case where ignoring the big elephant might just get the
      > little mouse badly squashed.
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      > Subject: [War Of 1812] Accessing the OSHA web site. maze.
      > Thank you for bringing this to my attention but:
      > a) I, and MANY others on this list, do not live in the US and our
      > comments to OSHA would have no effect; and,
      > b) the number of your messages on this topic that essentially add
      > new information is beginning to feel like spam to me.
      > Moderators, can we get a ruling here?
      > J-P
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