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Fort Niagara

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  • Larry Lozon
    Fort Niagara Message sent to All 1812 Unit Commanders (but one may have been missed) .......................... Unit Commanders: Do not forget to register for
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      Fort Niagara

      Message sent to All 1812 Unit Commanders
      (but one may have been missed)


      Unit Commanders:

      Do not forget to register for

      The 2007 Annual 1812 Grand Tactical at Old Fort Niagara
      Youngstown, New York.
      (All 1812 Forces encouraged to attend)

      If you have any questions, contact

      Douglas W. DeCroix
      Director of Research & Special Projects
      Old Fort Niagara
      P.O. Box 169
      Youngstown, NY 14174-0169
      ph: 716-745-7611
      fax: 716-745-9141


      Unit Registration

      War of 1812 Grand Tactical

      July 21-22, 2007

      Deadline for registration: July 6, 2007

      Unit Name:

      Type of Unit:

      Arrival (date and approx time):

      Departure: (date and approx.time):

      Unit Commander:



      E-mail Address:

      Number of Participants (please list each category)





      Artillery Units: List number of guns and sizes

      Cavalry Units: List number of horses


      Barracks Space (if already approved)

      Tents: (please list number, type and rope-to-rope sizes)

      Please return via e-mail or post to: <d_squared6(at)yahoo.com>

      Douglas W. DeCroix • Old Fort Niagara• P.O. Box 169• Youngstown, NY


      April 2007

      Dear War of 1812 Unit Commanders & Contacts:

      It is my pleasure to invite you and your unit to attend the War of
      1812 reenactment community's 2007 Grand Tactical, to be held at Old
      Fort Niagara on July 21-22. As the only original War of 1812
      fortification in the Niagara Region, and one of the only such
      fortifications on the entire Great Lakes, Fort Niagara is truly a
      unique historic site, and I am sure you will enjoy your weekend here.
      In addition to the site itself, we opened our new Visitor Center last
      June, which contains the U.S. flag captured by the British in 1813,
      as well as ahost of other significant War of 1812 artifacts.
      This "sister" to the Ft. McHenry flag is considered one of the three
      most signicant U.S. flags in existence. You won't want to miss your
      chance to see this important artifact.

      There are many things being planned for the event that will hopefully
      make it one to remember. Included in this list are three tactical
      demonstrations, including an amphibious landing and a recreation of
      the actual British night assault on the fort—in "real time!" There
      will also be a variety of other programs, including a women's
      clothing workshop by Susan Spencer. Please take a moment to read over
      the participant and safety guidelines for the site, which are also
      attached with this e-mail. Old Fort Niagara will be providing
      firewood and water for the weekend, along with breakfast (coffee,
      tea, hot choc, milk, donuts) and lunch each day.

      For those who have not attended an event at Old Fort Niagara before,
      please note that it is our long-standing policy not to accept
      individual registrations in advance. Please send one unit
      registration form (attached) for your unit. Do not allow individual
      members to attempt to register themselves, as they will be turned
      away. This makes pre-registration much easier for us, and more
      organized for you as well in the long run. It also prevents folks who
      do not belong to a bonafide unit from "sneaking in under the wire" as
      it were. We will have individual registration forms and waivers when
      people arrive on site. You may return the unit registration form to
      me via email (d_squared6@...), by fax (716-745-9141), or via
      snail mail, if that is more convenient. General information on the
      fort, including directions, may be had at our website:

      I am very much looking forward to seeing everyone in July!! If you
      have any questions or concerns in the meantime, do not hesitate to
      contact me.


      Douglas W. DeCroix

      Director of Research & Special Projects



      JULY 21-22, 2007


      1. Participation will be limited to registered units depicting troops
      and campfollowers of the 1812-1815 period. No non-period uniforms are

      2. Living history activities will begin at 9:00a.m. and conclude on
      at 4:30p.m. on the days the event is scheduled to run. Participants
      are requested to remain for the entire program.

      3. Participants are to be in period dress while the Fort is open to
      the public. No cigarettes or other anachronisms are allowed in front
      of the public.

      4. Due to NYS Health requirements, No persons will be allowed inside
      the Museum Shop, Snack Bar, or any of the historic buildings with
      bare feet.

      5. Units are requested to bring regimental colors and drums and fifes.

      ASSOCIATION. A mandatory meeting of all unit
      commanders/representatives will be scheduled for each morning of the
      event, in front of the fort office.

      7. Old Fort Niagara safety standards will be observed. A complete
      copy may be obtained at the Administrative Office. A summary is
      included at the end of these guidelines.

      8. An Old Fort Niagara Staff member and the Provost are on duty
      throughout the event. After visitor hours a staff person will be on
      duty in a designated area.

      9. Please check in on your arrival at Registration. This allows
      accurate meal planning and other administrative tasks and makes it
      easier for friends to find you. It also allows us to update our
      mailing lists.

      10. Sutlers are welcome to attend by invitation. A separate area will
      be provided. Displays must be appropriate to the period (i.e. modern
      books, etc. must be kept from view). Sutlers must register and will
      be regulated by specific sales guidelines which are available upon

      11. Units are requested to bring tentage. Consideration for indoor
      quartering will be given upon request. Sorry, no straw inside any
      building. Anyone wishing to remain overnight on the last event day
      must notify the Director of Research & Special Projects or the office
      by noon of that day.

      12. Participants are strongly discouraged from bringing animals.
      Those who must bring pets should notify the fort in advance. Owners
      should bring proof of vaccinations with them to the event. All
      animals are to be kept on a leash, attended and under control at all

      13. A limited number of modern campsites will be available. There are
      no hookups or other amenities. Contact us if you plan to be taking
      advantage of this.

      14. Permanent and temporary fire pads have been installed in the camp
      area. No other fire pits may be dug. Due to the limited number of
      pads, cooperation with each other is a must Provide a period bucket,
      filled with water, for each unit using a pit. No anachronistic
      folding canvas buckets, please.

      15. Old Fort Niagara will provide firewood, water, breakfast and
      lunch on both days. Meals will be provided only to participants in
      period dress. Showers will be available at certain posted times each
      day. Specific time will be available at on-site registration. Non-
      costumed dependents will be admitted to the site at any time upon
      identifying themselves at the entrance, where they must receive and
      wear a (free) guest ticket.

      16. Participants and dependents are entitled to employee discounts on
      refreshments at the Old Fort Niagara Trading Post and a 10% discount
      on most publications and shop purchases. Please, identify yourself
      before making a purchase.

      17. Vehicles are not permitted overnight in the Fort, in the Ditch or
      along the Postern Gate Hill at anytime. Vehicles will be ticketed
      and/or towed by New York State Park Police. Vehicles may load and
      unload before the Fort opens (out by 8:30am) and at other times
      designated at each event.

      18. As more people make use of barracks space, problems have
      developed. As units/individuals are assigned these spaces it is their
      responsibly to kept them clean. Please note the following, a) Clean
      up and keep areas free of litter, notable SUNDAY MORNINGS. b) If
      candles are used, clean up melted wax. c) If you unscrew a light
      bulb, screw back in again. d) NO SMOKING in any building at anytime,
      including after hours. e) If you throw it up, clean it up. f)
      Furniture may be moved, with Staff approval (in advance), and must be
      returned to its proper location as soon as possible. Rooms must be
      kept accessible and presentable to visitors during business hours. If
      any of the above are violated, the unit or person will not be allowed
      use of quarters.

      19. Old Fort Niagara Staff and appointed program officers are
      responsible for the safety of visitors, participants and historic
      buildings. Individuals or units which fail to follow their directions
      will be removed from the site.




      As noted in the guidelines, Old Fort Niagara safety standards are
      specified for this site. These regulations are based on the
      Guidelines for Black Powder and Edged Weapons Use at New York's State
      Historic Sites. The following points are called to your attention.

      1. Black powder brought to the site must be in prepared paper
      cartridges, without staples or tape. Bulk powder is not allowed
      without special arrangements. Staff members will store bulk powder in
      the site magazine. Bulk powder is never to be stored in any historic
      building. Cartridges and maximum loads are specified as 125 grains of
      FFg or FFFg powder for muskets, 90 grains FFg or FFFg powder for
      flintlock rifles. While empty powder horns may be carried for
      interpretive purposes, only priming horns containing no more than one
      (1) ounce of powder may be used in loading weapons.

      2. Units and unit commanders are responsible for the safe and
      serviceable condition of all weapons. This will be inspected by Staff
      and/or Provost before each firing program. All weapons must be modern
      reproductions. No original weapons may be fired. All flintlock
      firearms must have flashguards and hammerstalls. Hammerstalls are to
      remain in place until the "present/take aim" command, and be replaced
      before reloading.

      3. No firearm shall be pointed towards another person - visitor or
      reenactor. In Tactical Weapons Demonstrations firearms will be
      elevated above opposing forces. Fire and forward movement will cease
      when both sides are within one hundred (100) feet. While hand guns
      (pistols) are allowed at Old Fort Niagara, none shall be carried or
      fired in a tactical demonstration. Note: SNY code section 265,
      subdivision 14 states that reproduction handguns are legal only if
      unloaded. To fire, you must have a New York State handgun permit.

      4. All edged weapons other than pole arms must have proper sheaths.
      No closing with edged weapons is permitted. Bayonets may be fixed,
      and units may advance. However, all movement will cease at one
      hundred (100) feet from the nearest opposed-side person. No weapons
      (tomahawks, axes, knives, arrows, or fired projectiles) may be thrown
      at any time.

      5. Each artillery piece must be inspected by Old Fort Niagara staff
      or an appointed safety officer. Artillery must be double-sponged and
      double-wormed for all firing. Minimum interval between firing and the
      loading of the next round is five (5) minutes. Priming tubes, paper
      cartridges or friction primers are the only means that may be used
      for ignition. Linstocks or lanyards will be used for firing.

      6. Maximum loads for artillery are as follows: 3 pdr=6 ounces Fg or
      Cannon grade black powder; 6 pdr & Civil War guns= 10 ounces Fg or
      Cannon grade black powder. Artillery rounds are to be made of
      aluminum foil, double or triple wrapped, and constructed so as to
      have a distinct "top" and "bottom."

      7. Any artillery misfire in a tactical demonstration or program will
      end that weapon's use in that program. No action to place the weapon
      back in service for that demonstration is allowed. No artillery piece
      is to be moved in a loaded condition in any demonstration, whether or
      not as a result of a misfire.

      8. Site staff and appointed safety officers may stop an action at any
      time if a safety violation is noted. Participants must police the
      field of spent cartridges at the end of all demonstrations


      July 21-22 War of 1812 Annual Grand Tactical,

      Fort Niagara - Youngstown, NY

      (All Crown & U.S. Forces encouraged to attend)

      Please have you Commander Register Now . . .

      "The Big 1812 Event for 2007"

      Larry Lozon (L2)
      Upper Canada (Ontario)

      United States Forces 1812

      Crown Forces North America 1812

      2007 WAR Of 1812 Events

      Sutlers & Merchants
    • shayna121
      Hello All, On behalf of the Crown Forces Staff, I would like to say thank you to everyone that participated in the Fort Niagara event last Thursday. I was
      Message 58 of 58 , Dec 22, 2013
        Hello All,
          On behalf of the Crown Forces Staff, I would like to say thank you to everyone that participated in the Fort Niagara event last Thursday.  I was blown away by the number of people that participated in the early morning march and the event as a whole.  It was a fabulous way to commemorate this event.  
          During the battle, I took the opportunity to stop and watch for a moment.  I think we gave the audience an incredible show.  Seeing the reenactors silhouetted against the snow was a very eerie, and yet very authentic perspective.  Other reenactments will be hard-pressed to show this level of realism to future crowds.

          There are two people that deserve special thanks for this event.  Jere Brubaker of Fort Niagara had the vision for this event at least a year ago and worked very hard to make it a reality.  Everything seemed to be planned to a minute detail, and I would like to thank Jere for all his work in pulling this off.
          In addition, Peter Martin is to be thanked for opening his Fort to us as well.  The two shuttle buses across the border were entirely paid for by Parks Canada, and Peter worked very hard to ensure as smooth a border crossing as possible.  I would like to thank Peter for all his efforts as well.

        Happy Holidays, everyone, and we'll see you at Longwoods,

        Chris McKay
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