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Re: [1812_ProgressiveCampaigner] OSHA REGS. Could Effect Powder Supply

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  • tedyeat
    Please read the below release.Note the Comments about SAAMI. The OSHA folks are a bit off if what they have makes it sound like they are in agreement. This is
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 4, 2007
      Please read the below release.Note the Comments about SAAMI. The OSHA
      folks are a bit off if what they have makes it sound like they are in
      agreement. This is off the NSFF web site -National Shooting Sports
      Federation- which is working WITH SAAMI. Draw your own conclusions.
      Canadians, ignore this. If the regs go through you can sell up powder
      on the sly as you're already doing with medicine. We might even have
      to go to Canada just to reenact.

      Proposed OSHA Regulation Threatens
      Firearm and Ammunition Industry

      The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the
      government agency charged with assuring the safety and health of
      America's workers, is proposing a regulatory rule affecting the
      manufacturing, transportation and storage of small arms ammunition,
      primers and smokeless propellants.

      As written, the proposed rule would force the closure of nearly all
      ammunition manufacturers and force the cost of small arms ammunition
      to skyrocket beyond what the market could bear—essentially collapsing
      our industry. This is not an exaggeration. The cost to comply with
      the proposed rule for the ammunition industry, including
      manufacturer, wholesale distributors and retailers, will be massive
      and easily exceed $100 million. For example, ammunition and smokeless
      propellant manufacturers would have to shut down and evacuate a
      factory when a thunderstorm approached and customers would not be
      allowed within 50 feet of any ammunition (displayed or otherwise
      stored) without first being searched for matches or lighters.

      NSSF and SAAMI have already had a preliminary meeting with OSHA
      officials to begin the process of explaining to them the major
      problems this proposed rule presents for all levels of the firearms
      and ammunition industry. Furthermore, NSSF and SAAMI are each seeking
      a 60 day extension of the public comment period (currently scheduled
      to expire July 12).

      NSSF is urging all retailers to contact OSHA directly and request a
      60-day extension of the public comment period. Retailers should
      inform OSHA that the proposed rule constitutes a "significant
      regulatory action" as defined in Executive Order 12866 (1993) Section
      3(f)(1) in that it will clearly "adversely affect in a material way"
      the retail sector of the firearms and ammunition industry,
      productivity, competition and jobs and that the annual compliance
      cost for all retailers of ammunition will far exceed $100 million

      Click here for a template letter. If you choose to draft your own
      letter, the reference line must read as follows:

      RE: Docket No. OSHA–2007–0032
      Request to Extend Public Comment Period and Request for
      Hearing on
      "Significant Regulatory Action" as Defined in Executive Order

      Please fax the letter to: 202-693-1648 (include the docket number and
      Department of Labor/OSHA on the cover sheet and in the reference
      section of your letter).

      Please e-mail the letter by visiting: http://www.regulations.gov and
      following the submission instructions.


      --- In WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com, John-Paul Johnson <jpjohnsn@...>
      > Before everyone gets their knickers in a twist over this, perhaps
      we should actually read the proposed changes. I'm still poring over
      the document (and it is fairly hefty) but the 2nd page of text
      includes a statement that the proposed changes were brought forward
      in a petition from the INDUSTRY not government. The Institute of
      Makers of Explosives (IME) and the Sporting Arms and Ammunition
      Manufacturers' Institute (SAAMI) are both named as petitioners and I
      can't see them requesting changes that cut their own throats.
      > I am involved in the Health and Safety programmes at my company
      and, if there's one thing I've learned, industries rarely request
      changes to a code unless it is in their own best interests. With all
      due respect to the venerable NRA, I won't jump on a bandwagon that
      isn't pulled by the industry's horse.
      > But, I'll keep reading the 55+ pages to see what all the fuss is
      > J-P
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      Powder Supply
      > The bureaucrats are at it again.....Might need to cut and Pste the
      > URL below to Google.
      > ---------------------------
      > The NRA has spoken....
      > The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has
      > new rules that would have a dramatic effect on the storage and
      > transportation of ammunition and handloading components such as
      > primers or black and smokeless powder. The proposed rule
      > indiscriminately treats ammunition, powder and primers
      > as "explosives." Among many other provisions, the proposed rule
      > would:
      > Prohibit possession of firearms in commercial "facilities
      > explosives"—an obvious problem for your local gun store.
      > Prohibit delivery drivers from leaving explosives unattended—which
      > would make it impossible for delivery services such as UPS to
      > ammunition or gun powder.
      > Require evacuation of all "facilities containing explosives"—even
      > your local Wal-Mart—during any electrical storm.
      > Prohibit smoking within 50 feet of "facilities containing
      > explosives."
      > For more see here...........
      > http://www.nraila.org/Legislation/Read.aspx?ID=3145
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