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  • Mike Jansen
    Mr. Jansen sir, would you please forward this to the Warof1812 list as a last reminder of our soiree? Thank you. Begin forwarded message: From: Calvin Arnt
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2007
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      Mr. Jansen sir, would you please forward this to the Warof1812 list as
      a last reminder of our soiree? Thank you.

      Begin forwarded message:

      From: Calvin Arnt <americantory@...>
      Date: February 28, 2007 1:05:55 PM EST (CA)
      To: TheWarof1812@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [TheWarOf1812] soiree at 2007 Grand Tactical
      Reply-To: TheWarOf1812@yahoogroups.com

      Dear List,

      Similar to years past, our group will be hosting a full soiree at
      this year's Grand Tactical 2007 at Old Fort Niagara in July. It is
      open to all Officers and NCO's from every unit, either army, Natives
      included. Those people are also welcome to bring along their dates/
      escorts for the evening. Special invitations will also be given out
      to others, including sutlers and whatnot. All food and drinks are
      provided free, though you are welcome to bring your own concoction to
      pass around and share. For more information, log onto our web site:
      http://www.lincolnmilitia.ca/ and click on the link for "GRAND
      SOIREE" and you'll see more information there. (I intended for there
      to be pictures from last year on the page but alas, things get lost).

      I encourage you to attend. Last year we had a good showing from the
      American army, but were somewhat short on Brits and Natives. The
      purpose of this soiree is largely to foster communication and
      friendship between the various groups in this hobby. Since the GT
      tends to attract a high number of 1812'ers, this provides the
      opportunity to chat with people in person and not just on internet
      lists. At times, some people can stick to themselves or with cliques
      that they are comfortable with, so we are trying to stretch the
      comfort zone a little, and get everyone interacting with others in
      the hobby we may not normally talk to.

      I realize that there may be other social events going at the same
      time, and ours may not be the "only" event, or the "best" event that
      weekend. You may have your own mess planned. We are not asking anyone
      to cancel their own plans, but rather, to just incorporate our soiree
      into your plans for an hour or so on the Saturday evening. Most
      groups have their own messes at every event anyhow, so you can attend
      those any time. Our soiree is a once-a-season event, and serves the
      greater purpose of building friendship in the hobby. We hope you can
      find time to withdraw from your own mess for a short time, and share
      a drink and a laugh with others at our GT soiree. Stay as long as you
      want; come and go as you please.

      Last year when I made this announcement I asked for all Officers and
      NCO's to respond one way or the other if they were coming. I'm sorry
      if some people felt that placed pressure on you for a decision, so we
      are doing it differently this year. ONLY THOSE WHO ANTICIPATE THEY
      WILL ATTEND need to reply to me and let me know your intentions. We
      will make up a food/drink shopping list the week prior based on how
      many have actually informed me of their attendance. We will plan on a
      few extras for those who might change their mind at the last moment
      and drop in, but if you think you will attend, please tell me that.

      Thank you for helping us to foster positive communication and
      relationship amongst the 1812 community.

      Your Humble Servant,

      Calvin Arnt, Captain.
      1st Reg't, Lincoln Militia.
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