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  • Dave Westhouse
    I am just in the midst of reading a book entitled Andrew Jackson the Border Captain written in 1933 by Marquis James and was taken by the excerpts of letters
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2007
      I am just in the midst of reading a book entitled
      'Andrew Jackson the Border Captain'
      written in 1933 by Marquis James

      and was taken by the excerpts of letters sent by Andrew Jackson and
      his wife Rachel. The language and flourish was interesting as well as
      the spelling in some cases.

      A letter home just before the campaigns against the Creeks;

      "My Love:
      "I have this evening received your affectionate letter ...[and] your
      miniature. I shall wear it near my bosom; but this was useless for my
      recollection never fails me of your likeness.
      "The sensibility of our beloved son has charmed me, ... He will take
      care of both of us in our declining years, ... Kiss him for his papa
      and give him nuts and ginger cake[I send].
      "I thank you for your prayers. I thank you for your determined
      resolution to bear our separation with fortitude. We part but for ...
      a few fleeting weeks when the protecting hand of Providence... will
      restore us to each others arms,...
      "It is now 1 o'clock in the morning--the candle nearly out... May the
      angelic hosts that reward and protect virtue and innocence and
      preserve the good be with you until I return, is the sincere
      supplication of your affectionate husband."

      In replay Mrs. Jackson writes;
      "Your letter...was everything to me...Where'er I go, where'er I turn,
      my thoughts, my fears, my doubts distress me. Then a little hope
      revives again and that keeps me alive...Do not my beloved husband let
      love of country, fame and honor, make you forget [me]....You will say
      this is not the language of a patriot, but it is the language of a
      faithful wife....
      "Our little Andrew often does he ask me in bed not to cry, papa will
      come again and I feel my cheeks to know if I am shedding tears...
      "Your dearest friend on earth
      "Rachel Jackson"

      Another letter to Andrew Jackson from his wife just after the battles
      of Emuckfaw and Enotachopco. She received news of his battles at the
      Hermitage from other sources other than her husband.

      "My dearest Life, I received your Letter by Express....how did it
      feel. I never Can disscribe it. I Cryed aloud and praised my god For
      your safety....how long o Lord will I remain so unhappy. no rest no
      Ease I cannot sleepe. all can come hom but you....I hope the Campaine
      will soon end the troops that is now on their way will be sufficient
      you have done now more than aney other man ever did before you have
      served your County Long Enough....you have been gon six monthes...oh
      Lord of heaven how Can I beare it. Colo Hayes waites...our Dear
      Little Son sayes maney things to sweet papa...your faithfull wife
      untill Death. Rachel Jackson."

      A short time later Andrew Jackson led his troops to the Battle of
      Horseshoe Bend.

      Dave Westhouse
      Royal Scots

      All spelling errors in her last letter were as written.
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