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Lynda & the Ft. George Event

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  • Larry Lozon
    ... called ... make ... off ... Lynda: And women in general, I know where you are coming from, as my wife Brenda, has been there and done it! So just a couple
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 15 2:12 PM
      > HOWEVER, in the past, myself and another fine soldier's wife have
      > throughout the camp with the desire to take in washing
      > (honestly-to-goodnessly, we were gonna take your sweaty ol' shirts and
      > 'em sparkly clean for ya's) and we got little more than a polite brush
      > from most people.

      And women in general, I know where you are coming
      from, as my wife Brenda, has been there and done it!
      So just a couple of observations,
      - while at a rather large event in the mid-USA
      we noticed three women doing the
      washing thing .......... I noticed that they had a clothes line
      with some clothing drying on it as well as some clothing in
      the wash tub. On closer inspection the clothing was being
      constantly reversed (the clothes on the line was being washed
      again as the clothing in the tub was being hung to dry)
      I talked to the ladies and they said, exactly what you said,
      "No body wanted to play the game, so they bring their own
      clothing and wash it and hang it over and over,
      when the public is around.
      They also told me that some of the clothing was modern
      worn out shirts with the collars cut off and sewn up the
      front a ways (in the tub and on the line they looked good!)
      just a suggestion --------------------

      When at the New Orleans event one year,
      Brenda (my wife) was doing an Indian impression,
      it had rained quite a bit and it was impossible for
      her to walk around in moccasins, so she sat on the
      porch of the mansion and did finger weaving, within
      a few minutes he had about 50 people around her
      asking questions ---------------------

      A friends wife was doing the maid impression
      for an officer, she had a small dish pan with soapy
      water and she was washing dishes, but as she did
      she was "bitching" about the way the officer was
      treating her, the crowd gathered and started to ask
      her what the officer was doing to her ----------
      Long Story made Short ------ she never finished
      washing the dishes, but had a great time talking
      to all the spectators ......

      So Lynda, if they won't play the game,
      bring your own toys, your own rules and I think
      you will have just as much fun ...........
      and let them walk around in "stinky shirts" !

      Respectfully submitted by,
      ( and prompted by my wife)

      Larry Lozon
      > From: probably Lynda and maybe Derek Leopold <leopold@...>
      > To: WarOf1812@onelist.com
      > Subject: [WarOf1812] Re: Ft George Event
      > Date: Thursday, January 14, 1999 5:03 PM
      > From: probably Lynda and maybe Derek Leopold <leopold@...>
      > NOW, for the REST of you who plan on going to the George;
      > Dave is right about wives' etc., not having much to do at his event.
      > This is due partly to the fact that there are costumed females in the
      > officers' kitchen whose job it is to do stuff like display cooking for
      > public.(Oh, to get PAID for so much fun!!!)
      > to play along when we chicks try to do OUR part in making the camp
      > (And let me tell you, my husband's demotion from Lance to plain ol' cpl.
      > precious little for our pocketbooks. I can use all the help I can get!)
      > This also brings up the round-table discussion I will be hosting at this
      > year's conference in London about womens' roles in re-enacting...any
      > suggestions about things to talk about or source material is appreciated.
      > You can get back to me off-list...
      > I wonder if you officer types would like to take advantage of the
      > beautiful dining hall at FT. George and have a dinner???? I can't speak
      > anyone other than myself at this point, but if we plan it well enough, I
      > think I can muster up a few more females to prepare a sumptuous feast for
      > you. (Of course, it may involve a small fee, to cover expenses and,
      > favours, but we'll talk about that later if there is sufficient
      > It's been a dream of mine for years to be able to play in that amazing
      > Ok, enough scheming for now,
      > I look forward to your ideas...
      > Scrubbietta,
      > faithfully following the drum of
      > the Royal Newfoundland Regiment, Lt Coy
      > (Lynda Leopold, leopold@..., 519-738-9787)
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