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Fwd: CF Naval Announcements/School of the Sailor

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  • Larry Lozon
    ============================== CROWN NAVAL FORCES NORTH AMERICA Unit Commanders, Please Inform your members (Unit Commanders were to inform all members)
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2007

      Unit Commanders,
      Please Inform your members

      (Unit Commanders were to inform all members)


      I am requested to forward
      the following ...

      L. Lozon ~ AdC
      Crown Forces North America

      Naval Establishment
      Crown Forces North America

      General Signal
      Year End, 2006


      I am pleased to provide to you the general Plan for
      the Grand Reunion School Of The Sailor, to be held
      June 2-3, 2007 at Amherstburg, Ontario, and as well
      the General Gazette of appointments, roles and
      participant units as regards the Naval Establishment
      for the year 2007.

      Naval Establishment participation at the Grand
      Encampment at Fort Niagara shall be at the discretion
      of the Fleet Commodore. CDRE Bibby, assisted by A/Lt T

      Grand Reunion School Of The Sailor
      Fort Malden and Navy Yard
      Amherstburg, Ontario

      Event Commanding Officer: CDR Peter Rindlisbacher
      Event Special Guests: 41st Foot and R. Nfld. Regt.

      Friday 1 June

      Boats and crews arrive by road at Fort Malden.
      Encampment set up
      Boats are trailered to secure launch ramp and docks in
      Boats launched and left overnight while
      vehicles/trailers return to
      Fort Malden
      Evening 'Meet and Greet' in encampment/Fort Malden or
      Navy HQ

      Saturday AM 2 June

      Boats and crews shuttled by school bus to Windsor
      location of boats
      HMCS HUNTER escort boats join flotilla
      Flotilla departs under oar and sail for passage to
      Fort Malden
      Shore parties animate encampment

      Saturday PM 2 June

      Flotilla arrives temporary floating docks,
      Amherstburg, by 1800
      'Splice The Main Brace' and Cock O' The Walk
      Period Dinner in Fort Malden with period music

      Sunday AM 3 June

      Lieutenants' Board, Fort Malden. Candidates: Hurlbut,
      T.; Fitton, C.
      Shore school and public demonstrations
      Tactical demonstrations (41st Foot, Marines and shore

      Sunday PM 3 June

      Formal Ceremonial Sail/Rowpast of Flotilla and Final
      Camp struck
      Boats move to haul-out ramps

      This Scenario subject to change at the discretion of
      CDR Rindlisbacher
      and his Committee.

      General Gazette
      Naval Establishment

      Flag Officers

      VADM R Price (half-pay)
      RADM V Suthren, Chief of Staff


      CDRE G Bibby, Fleet Commodore, Dockyard Commissioner
      for the Naval
      Establishment, and Commander, Lake Ontario Station

      Post Captains

      Capt J Lowery (half-pay)
      Capt G Sloane
      Capt S Shank
      Capt V Fairhead


      CDR M Pergunas, Commander, St Lawrence River Station
      (incl. Lake Champlain)
      CDR P Rindlisbacher, Commander Lake Erie Station
      A/LT T Hurlbut, Commander, Lake Simcoe and Upper Lakes
      LT P Schifferdecker, Commander, Western Lakes Station.
      Staff Officer(Fleet)
      LT K Fisher, Staff Officer (Dockyard)
      A/Sgt E Seufert, Staff Officer (Marines). Liaison
      Officer to USN.

      Warrant Officers

      Boatswain of the Fleet C Wu
      Fleet Master's Mate D May
      Fleet Master Gunner R Irvine
      Boats Master Gunner M Baruth

      Fleet Status

      A. Ships and Vessels

      St Lawrence II, brigantine
      Fair Jeanne, brigantine
      Pathfinder, brigantine
      Playfair, brigantine
      Empire Sandy, schooner

      In Ordinary:

      Bee, schooner (to work up Summer 2007)
      Tecumseth, schooner


      La Revenante, schooner

      B. Longboats and Bateaux

      Witch of A'burg (Flotilla Leader)
      Dawn Star
      Auld Alliance
      Royal George
      Starboard Whaler
      Port Whaler
      Black Snake
      Lester F. Hall

      On detached service: Badger

      Building: Ferret

      Participant Units:

      HMS Albion
      HMS Charwell
      HMS Dragon
      HMS Hamilton
      HMS Shannon
      HMS Wolfe
      HMV Ferret & Waterloo Draft
      Royal Marines
      Provincial Marine Association

      I have the Honour to be
      Yours with great Regard

      Victor Suthren

      Chief of Staff
      Naval Establishment
      Crown Forces North America



      Naval Establishment
      Crown Forces North America

      General Signal
      December 26th 2006

      Notice of Awards System
      Naval Establishment

      The following awards and decorations will be
      introduced over the next two years into the Naval
      Establishment, and will be awarded at the yearly
      School of the Sailor or Grand Tactical, whichever may
      be found to be most appropriate

      Cock O' The Walk

      Recurring trophy awarded to that boat and boat's crew
      that best displays seamanship, historical accuracy,
      spirit and performance at the year's School of the

      The Yeo Cup

      Recurring trophy to be awarded to that boat and boat's
      crew winning the long distance weekend voyaging
      competition to be introduced into the Naval
      Establishment summer programme.

      General Service Medal

      A medal (provided by an anonymous donor/supporter of
      the Naval Establishment), cast in white metal and
      copied from the Naval General Service Medal, to be
      awarded to any member of the Naval Establishment, at
      any rank level, upon successful completion of five
      years' documented service in the Naval Establishment,
      as an individual, a member of an established unit,
      shore unit or gun crew, ship's company, or boat's

      Flag Officer's Commendation

      Awarded to an individual, officer, warrant officer, or
      seaman of the Naval Establishment who has provided
      exemplary service to the Establishment or who has, by
      example, enhanced the efficiency and stature of the

      I have the Honour to be
      Yours with great Regard

      Victor Suthren

      Chief of Staff
      Naval Establishment
      Crown Forces North America



      Naval Establishment
      Crown Forces North America

      General Signal
      December 24th, 2006

      Notice of Lieutenancy Board

      A Board of Examination to pass suitably qualified
      candidates for the rank of Lieutenant in the Naval
      Establishments, according to the Rank Requirements as
      issued, will be held at One Bell in the Forenoon
      Watch, eight thirty o-clock, at a venue to be
      announced in Fort Malden or Navy Hall, Amherstburg,
      Upper Canada, on Sunday, June 3rd, 2007.

      Board Convenor and Secretary: CDR Peter Rindlisbacher
      Board Senior Member: CDRE Gill Bibby
      Board Member: CDR Mark Pergunas
      Board Master at Arms: A/Sgt Edward Seufert

      Candidates shall present themselves outside the
      announced venue promptly at the time indicated, in the
      correct Dress of the Day, and bearing with them
      Certificates signed by two witnesses of their having
      served a minimum of two years in naval re-enactment,
      and having exercised boat command afloat as specified
      in the Rank Requirements.

      Candidates will be examined on Seamanship and small
      craft handling; The usage and care of small arms and
      boat guns; general naval knowledge; and history of the
      War of 1812.

      The following candidates will present themselves for
      examination by the Board:

      Acting Lieutenant Thomas Hurlbut
      Acting Lieutenant Charles Fitton

      I have the Honour to be
      Yours with great Regard

      Victor Suthren

      Chief of Staff
      Naval Establishments
      Crown Forces North America




      Apr. 28 Crown Forces School, Fort York, Toronto

      Sat Apr.28 Infantry Officer & NCO School of
      ('ONLY' Crown Forces Officers and NCO's to attend)

      Sat Apr.28 Historical Cooking Workshop
      (All Crown Forces cooks encouraged to attend)

      July 21-22 Annual 1812 Grand Tactical
      Fort Niagara, Youngstown, NY
      (All Crown and USA Forces encouraged to attend)

      - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ -

      'CROWN FORCES NORTH AMERICA' is the convenient name
      given the re-created Military Re-enactment Units of
      BRITISH ~ CANADIAN ~ MILITIA ~ ALLIED forces located
      in the United States and Canada. Those Military
      Re-enactment Units are listed at:

      - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ -

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