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Native clothing in the Great Lakes area..some descriptions...

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  • Peter Monahan
    John Great post! Keep it coming! Peter ============================================================ From: John Date: 2006/09/26 Tue PM
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      Great post! Keep it coming!

      From: "John" <jkonkapot@...>
      Date: 2006/09/26 Tue PM 09:42:32 EST
      To: WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [WarOf1812] Native clothing in the Great Lakes area..some descriptions...

      From a letter written(to his brother, Rev. Alexander Grant) by
      Maj. Jasper Grant, commanding officer Fort Malden,
      Amherstburg....January 20th 1807...

      " The ordinary dress of a Savage when hunting consists of a shirt
      made of Deerskin, which the Squaws dress with much skill, and
      leggings or garters of the same materials which come three parts up
      the thigh. A smaller piece of cloth covers the front and rear of
      their middle; this is callled by the Europeans breech Clout. A
      savage never wears anything on his head except in fine weather some
      ornamemt composed of feathers or skins, and in extreme cold a hood
      made of a piece of blanket. The leather shirt is tied about the
      middle with a Sash, generally composed of worsted, or among the
      distant Nations of elm bark which they work beautifully with Mooose
      deer hair or porcupine quills which they dye of all colors.

      " The ordinaryt dress of an Indian or Squaw, winter or Summer is
      a coloured calico shirt, leggings or garters of red or blue cloth,
      and a blanket. In summer the Men wear the blanket on the left
      shoulder only, in winter over both and on the head. The Squaws keep
      both shoulders always covered and in winter their heads. Neither
      sex ever fasten the blanket under the chin with a pin or anything of
      that kind, but keep it together by the right hand. I observed when
      the Indians from distant Nations wear blankets in summer their heads
      and bodies to the middle are naked; the blanket is rolled about
      their middles........

      more later--john

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