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An Era Ends

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  • Five Rivers Chapmanry
    It is with the deepest regret we ve decided to close out our historical pattern line. With the growth of The Big Three s (Simplicity, Butterick, McCall s)
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 19, 2006
      It is with the deepest regret we've decided to close out our historical
      pattern line. With the growth of The Big Three's (Simplicity, Butterick,
      McCall's) historical patterns, it has become increasingly difficult to
      compete with these very large marketing machines. Who can argue with a $0.99
      pattern? Even if that pattern isn't historically accurate, so many people
      feel that if they're going to have to spend time tweaking to be assured of a
      good fit, better to spend $0.99 and tweak than a minimum of $20.00.

      So, from now until the patterns are gone, we're clearing out all in-stock
      historical sewing patterns, as well as a few re-enactor supplies and
      amusements, at an unprecedented 40% discount.

      The cooperage will still continue to operate on a limited basis, with Gary
      producing cooperage for orders in-house, and in the future for stock which
      will be made available through our website.

      The museum quality embroidery supplies will still be available, as will
      Lorina's artwork and the exquisite line of Porter music boxes, both large
      and small.

      In the future we hope to have other goods of interest for our customers.

      Life is a journey, and we fully expect the journey to be filled with
      interest and evolution.

      With regards as always

      Lorina and Gary Stephens

      Five Rivers Chapmanry

      purveyors of historical sewing patterns, quality hand-crafted cooperage,
      re-enactor and embroidery supplies, and more.

      519-799-5577 info@... - www.5rivers.org

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