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Re: [WarOf1812] Militia Ranks

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  • Richard Feltoe
    Kevin, Irrespective of what the document may seem to initially indicate (beware of Cruikshankian misquotes) there are numerous references that I have from the
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 27, 2006
      Irrespective of what the document may seem to initially indicate (beware of Cruikshankian misquotes) there are numerous references that I have from the files and personnel rosters of the companies of the Incorporated Militia and their associated draftees from the York, Norfolk and Lincoln Embodied regiments that include the rank of Corporal as an active duty appellation in the Upper Canada Militia System.
      The following selected examples are just a few of what is available.
      On the other hand it may well be possible that in the beaurocratic system of attaining a pension, the gradations were not made by individual rank but in clustered grades, with the Privates and Corporals and possibly Drummers and Buglers being lumped in together. However, it does raise an interesting question and I'll see if there is any correlation in my land grant and pension databases. What is the Cruikshank reference is it in his 9 volume work? as I have it on microfilm as well as the cross references to the current micro records at the NAC and could easily get a look at the original document to confirm the quote is correct.
      Richard Feltoe

      Establishment Regulations for the Incorporated Militia 10 March 1813
      ... each company to consist of
      1 Captain
      1 Lieutenant
      1 Ensign
      3 Sergeants
      3 Corporals
      1 Drummer
      50 Privates

      30 December 1813
      General Order for Prize money rate of scale
      Privates 1 share
      Drummers 1 share
      Corporals 1 1/2 shares
      Sergeants 2 shares
      Staff Sergeants 3 shares
      Subalterns 8 shares
      Captains 16 shares
      Majors 30 shares
      Lieutenant Colonels 40 shares
      Colonels 60 shares

      Court Martial Records
      20 May 1814
      Corporal George Huffman found guilty of stealing quantities of bread and flour whilst acting as a duty baker and reduced to the ranks with cost of materials docked from pay.
      26 May 1814
      Corporal John Mills found guilty of using improper language in the Union Hotel at York. Reduced to private, 10 days fatigues with a 24 lb shot chained to his leg.
      30 August 1814
      Corporal Benjamin Markle found guilty of using improper language and improper conduct as a non-commissioned officer. Reduced to the ranks.
      Plus four more examples...

      12 Sept 1814
      Of 28 men cutting wood at the Chippawa River there were 2 Corporals (Francis Brock / Joseph Eastman)

      Aquittance Rolls of the Incorporated Militia, March 1815

      Coy. 1 (Kerby) 2 Corporals
      Coy. 2 (Jarvie) 2 Corporals
      Coy. 3 (Rapelje) 2 Corporals
      Coy. 4 (Washburn) 3 Corporals
      Coy. 5 (E. Walker) 3 Corporals
      Coy. 5 (McLean) 2 Corporals
      Coy. 7 (Fraser) 3 Corporals
      Coy. 8 (Kerr) 3 Corporals
      Coy. 9 (McDonell) 3 Corporals
      Coy. 10 (H. Walker) 3 Corporals

      30 June 1817
      List of disabled persons admitted as militia pensioners
      John Bryant, Corporal, wounded at Fort Erie 12 August 1814

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      Okay, while reading some stuff in Cruikshank's I came across the following.

      "I, A--B--, do swear that B--C--(sergeant or private, as the case may be) in the Regiment of --Militia was killed, or died of wounds..."

      It is an affidavit that a widow has to bring in for a pension. It seems that in the Militia there are only two ranks for OR's. Sergeant or Private.

      Can anyone shed some light on this?


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