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Gear For Sale

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  • Mike Jansen
    Begin forwarded message: From: Calvin Arnt Date: August 7, 2006 1:01:18 AM EDT (CA) To: TheWarof1812@yahoogroups.com Subject:
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      From: Calvin Arnt <americantory@...>
      Date: August 7, 2006 1:01:18 AM EDT (CA)
      To: TheWarof1812@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [TheWarOf1812] kit and gear for sale
      Reply-To: TheWarOf1812@yahoogroups.com

      Dear list.

      One of the members in our group was given reenacting gear and kit to
      sell on behalf of someone who is no longer in the hobby. So we are
      going to help him sell it. We will have all this gear at the Fort Erie
      event next weekend, so if you're looking for some used items this is
      your opportunity.. There may be more gear down the road too, but we'll
      have to wait on that. All prices CDN. All items are used and have some
      wear to them. Unless they are extremely worn, I will make no further
      comment about the wear on an individual item. Most of this has been in
      storage for at least the last ten years and it does smell a little musty.

      Man's shirt: blue, blended fabric. $15.
      Breeches: cotton. $25.
      Trousers: grey, cotton. $30.
      Weskit/Waistcoat/Vest: red wool, small $25; red wool, large $30; white
      wool no buttons $30.
      Fatigue coat: green facings, $40.
      Regimental coat: IMUC style, red faced green. This coat is in poor
      shape. The lining especially is very poor and would need redoing.
      However, it could be used as a loaner jacket to new recruits for a
      unit. $50.
      Stock, ruffled: $10.
      Stock, leather: $5.
      Gaitors, short: two pair, $10 each.
      Shako, Stove Top: small, plain $35. Large, w/ L.I. badge and battalion
      plume $75.
      Forge caps: Red faced blue, one in poor condition with L.I. badge $15.
      Other in good condition, plain $15.
      Voyageur cap (red): $15.
      Haversack: $10.
      Sash, officer's: $40.
      Chapeau Bras, with feathered battalion plume: $250.
      Jacket, officer's (Lieutenant): Sold with one epaulette. Coat shows
      some wear and fading in the colours. Certainly fine for a "campaign"
      kind of look. In good condition. Battalion style with tails. Red faced
      blue. Size medium. $500.
      Boots, officers: black Hessian style with black trim around top. Size
      9. $200.

      Other Items.
      Napping hammer with leather case: $5.
      Pedersoli 2nd Model musket: $700.
      Bayonet & scabbard: $60.
      Belly box w/belt: $40.
      Canteen: wooden, painted blue $30; converted WWII stainless steel
      canteen $10.
      Sword, Heavy Dragoon: Original sword, modern scabbard. $500.
      Gorget, Indian style (plain): $10.
      Spectacles: $15.
      Looking Glass: brass, glass is broken but it can still be used as a
      showpiece item on your kit. With leather case, $20.
      Backpack (Kazman): Black with "GRIII" painted on. $30.

      If you want any of this, send your replies to me (americantory AT
      cogeco.ca) and I will mark you down for an item so that it will not be
      sold to anyone else. You can pay and pick it up at the Ft. Erie event.
      We will be having one mega blanket sale there. Come over to wherever
      the 1st Lincoln camp is, likely under the trees again, and we will
      have our blanket sale next to our group fly.


      Calvin Arnt.
      1st Reg't, Lincoln Militia.
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