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Re: Fw: Dealing with Heat at Events

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  • tedyeat
    I grew up down there [born and spent 35 years in Nashville] and wore wool at events. YES, it was hot, but we d take salt tablets. Try West Tenn., Ga. or
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 7, 2006
      I grew up down there [born and spent 35 years in Nashville] and wore
      wool at events. YES, it was hot, but we'd take salt tablets. Try
      West Tenn., Ga. or Mississippi! We did a Rev. War event where we
      marched at least two miles in a parade in Washington, Ga.. Talk
      about hot. Gatorade is good as well. One thing to consider is
      wearing the linen summer coatee if you are down south, or even in
      heat further north.

      Ted Yeatman
      Fell's Point Rifles
      --- In WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com, "Lalozon" <lalozon@...> wrote:
      > Having returned from Tennessee where I attended a 7th USI event at
      > Hermitage
      > visit
      > http://www.thehermitage.com
      > The temperature was 98'ish !!!
      > I think this should be given all, thus I have permission to
      forward same
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      > From: Tom Fournier
      > By all means, feel free to forward.
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      > From: Tom Fournier
      > To: 41st Regiment
      > 41st
      > When I think about our last two full weekends away, Fort Meigs and
      > Village, we have had to deal with high heat and high humidity.
      > not a pleasant element when dressed in our delightful wool coats.
      > I have posted this before but it is worth reviewing as we do have
      some more
      > summer events coming up where heat may be an issue.
      > Prior to the Event
      > Do spend some time outdoors in the warmth - perhaps an evening
      walk, some
      > yard walk etc. The exercise will benefit you but the exposure to
      the heat
      > will help to acclimate your body to the warmer temperatures.
      > Start drinking extra glasses or bottles of water a couple of days
      in advance
      > of the event. Make sure that you show up to the event properly
      hydrated as
      > a starting point.
      > At the Event
      > Seek shade - whenever you can. If you go to the shade when you
      are hot and
      > sweating; you may already be well on your way to heat stress. Try
      to stay
      > ahead of the curve.
      > Constantly drink water, even if you do not feel thirsty. There is
      an old
      > running adage that says if you are thirsty then it is too late,
      you are
      > dehydrated. As a self-check (sorry for getting personal) when you
      > fluid, it should be copious and clear. If it is darkly coloured
      or if you
      > do not have to go for long periods of time, then you are not
      > enough.
      > If you have trouble coping with the heat, avoid diuretics such as
      > tea or alcohol.
      > Drink more water. Oh, if I did not mention it, drink more water.
      What is a
      > few extra trips to the porta potties if it keeps you functional
      and feeling
      > good all weekend.
      > Take care of yourself!
      > Tom
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