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Let me clear things up please

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  • David Hoyt
    Hello all, I am Dave Hoyt s wife April. I must apologize right off the top for the miscommunication in having Dave write that email. Let me clear up some of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 20, 2006
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      Hello all,

      I am Dave Hoyt's wife April. I must apologize right
      off the top for the miscommunication in having Dave
      write that email. Let me clear up some of the issues.

      Firstly, I completely respect what you guys do and how
      much passion you have for your hobby. I get that this
      is a way of life for you and I would never dream of
      disrespecting that. Please know that. I also
      understand how much time, money and research you put
      into it and I would never try to devalue that in any
      way. The show that we are doing is NOT a fictional
      piece. It is kind of like a lifestyle show for kids.
      It will be shown from a kids perspective and it is a
      way to foster acceptance for families and the myriad
      of shapes, sizes and formations that they come in.
      What we're really asking for is an interview with
      children who are involved in reenacting. It'll be a
      way for that child to show off their family to the
      world and why they are so proud to be a part of it.
      We would NOT want you to go out of your way to do
      this, nor would we require for you to take any time
      away from work. We would like to follow you around on
      a weekend when you are reenacting. Show what it's
      like to live that lifestyle and enjoy a truly creative
      hobby with your whole family.

      This is a pilot that we are shooting...meaning we have
      not sold the show yet. In fact no one will be paid
      anything for the pilot. Not the producers, not the
      editor, not anyone. A pilot is made to show potential
      buyers of the show what the show would look like.
      Also, any lifestyle tv, whether it's a home renovation
      show, a makeover show, or City Line with Marilyn
      Dennis, there is no renumeration for the people being
      interviewed. We are not asking you to act for the
      cameras, we are asking you to be you and to show us
      what it's like to be such an amazing family.

      I'm glad to hear that those that worked on History
      Bites with Rick Green were treated so well. That is
      who he is and that is who I am. We would NEVER want
      to disrespect anyone at any time. We are all about
      making entertainment that makes a difference in this
      world. That is what we are passionate about. We
      understand that how we make our shows will be
      reflected in the final product. So everyone is
      respected for the part that they bring to the show.

      As for the comments about safety on sets, I'm hoping
      that that was just a one time thing because I work on
      many sets in the Toronto area and safety is ALWAYS a
      number 1 priority. If you ever experience anything
      where you think your safety is jeopardy, bring it to
      someone's attention and don't let it go on until
      safety standards are met.

      I also encourage you to get educated when it comes to
      being hired as a reenactor for a movie or tv show.
      ACTRA, of which I am a member, has very strict rules
      on how you are to be treated and how much you are
      paid. If you are being treated as anything but, let
      ACTRA know and they will do something about it. That's
      why they are there and they WANT to know about it so
      that actors, background talent and specialists are
      appreciated for what they do. Their website where you
      can download agreements is: www.actra.ca. Also please
      feel free to call them, they are always willing to
      help you guys get informed.

      So I hope this clears up some of the issues that were
      raised. If you have ANY questions or comments please
      feel free to contact me personally at
      hoytapril@.... I will answer any and all of your

      So hopefully this is clear now and now I can
      specifically ask what we're looking for because that
      wasn't too clear in the first email.

      We're looking for a family with at least one child who
      is between 5 and 9 who are reenactors that we can talk
      with and interview about what it's like to be a
      reenactor. The family does NOT have to be Mom, Dad
      and 2 kids. Any variation of families will do. It
      will be a great way for a kid to really show off their
      family and what makes them so unique. It'll be a lot
      of fun.

      Please contact me off list and we can go from there.
      Again my personal email is hoytapril@....

      Thank you for taking the time to read this and clear
      up the misunderstandings.

      April Hoyt

      "Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever." Napoleon



      "the facts, although interesting, are irrelevant"
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