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Re: [WarOf1812] Battle of New Orleans Contact

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  • Gordon Deans
    Attention: John Ogden, Dave Westhouse, and group, The best contact for the Battle of New Orleans is Danny Forbis, Coordinator of the Living History Program,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 27, 2006
      Attention: John Ogden, Dave Westhouse, and group,

      The best contact for the Battle of New Orleans is Danny Forbis, Coordinator
      of the Living History Program, Chalmette Battlefield, Jean Lafitte National
      Historic Park.

      Follow the instructions below and contact Danny_Forbis@... and you will
      be kept aware of next year's Battle of New Orleans.

      You will find Danny to be an active and committed NPS Ranger, even attending
      weekend gunnery training sessions at the battlefield to train the
      baratarians (Jean Lafitte) gun crew on the use of the park's guns.

      We should make 2007 a challenge year to get as many reenactors as possible
      to attend the Battle of New Orleans in support of the local residents.

      Gord Deans, Royal Navy,
      HMS Charwell Landing Party,
      on the Upper Thames, Upper Canada.

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      From: Danny_Forbis@...
      To: gord.deans@...
      Sent: Wednesday, March 01, 2006 3:09 PM
      Subject: Battle of New Orleans

      Mr. Deans,
      If you think that there is a chance you or any of your 1812 living history
      comrades might travel to and participate in the Battle of New Orleans, I
      should add your unit leader to my mailing list.

      I am the park ranger at the Chalmette Battlefield that coordinates the
      living history program throughout the year, and every summer I send out a
      nice "Living History Participant Information Guide" booklet for the
      following January's Battle of NO event to War of 1812 living history units
      from California to Ontario. I would be glad to include you in the
      information loop, especially with the bicentennials of the war and the
      Battle of New Orleans approaching in the next 6-9 years. The War of 1812
      community here in the southern US is small, and we are always looking to get
      more people and units interested in coming to our far edge of the continent.

      So if you are interested, let me know the complete proper name of your unit
      and your unit leader's name and mailing address - or if they would prefer to
      delegate, then the best contact in your unit that can receive and
      disseminate information to all interested members. By the way, the Royal
      Navy played a huge role in the New Orleans Campaign, but we normally only
      have one or two gentlemen doing RN impressions. It would be totally
      appropriate to have more.

      warmest regards,

      Danny Forbis
      Park Ranger, Chalmette Battlefield, Jean Lafitte NHP&P


      Dave Westhouse <westhouse@...> wrote:

      Hello group,

      Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Dave Westhouse. I am a
      member of the War of 1812 group and am the Corporal with the 1st
      (Royal Scots) Grenadier Co. based out of London, Ontario.

      Our group is commanded by Captain Hal Dennison with Sergeant Steve
      Hartwick. We have about 45 members in our group and can field just
      over 25 individuals if everyone came out. We also have many camp
      followers and children in our group.

      I joined this group after hearing about it from our Commanding Officer
      and because our group is planning to come to the Battle of New Orleans
      en masse in January of 2007. To date we have approx. 30 individuals
      coming and fielding about a dozen men on the line. We have been
      planning this for some time and coordinating our vacations to come in big.

      Looking forward to it.

      Dave Westhouse, Corporal
      1st (Royal Scots) Regiment, Grenadier Co.


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      From: "John Ogden" <johnjogden@...>
      To: <WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Monday, April 24, 2006 10:35 AM
      Subject: [WarOf1812] Needing some guidance

      > All-
      > It appears that I may be relocating to the Big Easy late this year or
      early next year
      > (possibly in time for the reenactment in January). Does anyone have
      contacts for
      > 1812 units down that way? Whenever I google "New > Orleans" and
      > I just get ACW sites.
      > Fortuna audentes favorit.
      > ("Fortune favors the bold.")
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