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Re: [WarOf1812] Re: reenactor shot with live round

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  • BritcomHMP@aol.com
    Well as the original post is writen by someone who said he was there to actualy whitness the incident I was assuming it was true. ut true or not I stand by my
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 4, 2005
      Well as the original post is writen by someone who said he was there to actualy whitness the incident I was assuming it was true. ut true or not I stand by my opinion stated below. On re-reading it I don't think I made any 'sky is falling' statements. If so please point them out. Safety is of prime importance and in my 32 years of re-enacting I have seen incidents that came very close to what was stated.



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      Until somebody can come up with any confirmation that this actually
      occurred, and recently, I'm going to have to call BS on this whole
      thing. Names? Dates? Place? I tried a google search on them, nothing
      comes up on this re injuries at a reenactment.

      I've seen some whoppers before on the Internet, and I've learned to
      become rather mistrustful about "sky is falling" types of posts and
      news, until I see confirmation from multiple sources.


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      > OK Michael, so let's review.
      > The guilty party was a minor, so I assume we are talking of
      someone who should not have been on the field with a weapon in the
      first place.
      > The weapons he and his friends were carrying were not period
      correct, in fact they were modern.
      > The individual had been observed 'showing off' with said weapon
      earlier in the day and was then allowed to take the field with it.
      > So what you are saying here is that there was a total lack of
      supervision by his officers and NCOs, this is exactly why we once
      had a rule in the NA British forces that any person in direct
      command of troops must not, under any circumstances, fire a weapon
      with the men. The job of the officers (including NCOs whith direct
      command) is command and control, watching the men, moving them,
      checking on their safety.
      > On a higher level what happened to the safety inspection? if there
      wasn't one the high up heads should roll, if there was one and this
      individual was allowed on the field his imediate commaners head
      should roll. If this idiot was banned from the field and then seeked
      on anyway there needs to be a serious review of security and as an
      indivitual he needs to be banned from re-enactment for life and his
      particulars circulated to other period organisations. Harsh? Well if
      we don't police ourselves the Police will!
      > Cheers
      > Tim
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      > Shiners,
      > Some of you may have already read this, but for those that
      have not,
      > this is why we check equipment again and again and again, safety
      > authenticity second. fun third.
      > <<Oh crap... this is all we need?!?
      > Marsh
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