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Fort Willow Depot - RNR Garrsion Weekend

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    Royal Newfoundland Regiment Garrison Weekend Fort Willow Depot, Minesing, Ontario September 16th, 17th & 18th/05 Dear Re-enactors and Friends, On behalf of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2005
      Royal Newfoundland Regiment Garrison Weekend

      Fort Willow Depot, Minesing, Ontario

      September 16th, 17th & 18th/05

      Dear Re-enactors and Friends,

      On behalf of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment and the Historic
      Military Establishment of Upper Canada we look forward to hosting you at our
      1st annual garrison weekend. If you are planning to attend please review
      the information below.

      · Fort Willow Depot is located in a remote rural location just outside
      Barrie, Ontario with no running water, electricity or modern washroom
      facilities. If you are planning to camp the entire weekend please bring all
      the amenities that you need including water for drinking and cooking. The
      nearest convenience store is about 15 minutes away located in the village of
      Minesing and it also sells beer and liquor.

      · Re-enactors can set-up anytime after 12:00 noon on Friday. Please
      locate David Brunelle to find out where you can set-up your encampment and
      get your parking pass.

      · If you are planning to have a fire, we have steel fire plates that
      we would like you to put your fire on. Please do not dig a fire pit.

      · Firewood is provided.

      · There will be no straw available as the fire department has deemed
      it a fire hazard.

      · Remember water is not provided as there is no water service at the

      · There will be at least four outhouses available for the weekend
      including two portable units and two permanent units.

      · We will be also giving out garbage bags and we ask that you use them
      and keep your garbage in a secure area as there are many forest creatures
      around looking for food. Please take your garbage with you when you leave
      or place it at the gate in the parking lot on Sunday when you are leaving.

      · Remember there is no electricity or outdoor lighting at the site.

      · Saturday evening dinner will be a potluck dinner and everyone is
      invited to bring their own creations whether home made or store bought.

      · The Royal Newfoundland Regiment will be providing fresh corn on the
      cob for everyone on Saturday night so bring your butter and salt and corn
      cob holders if you have them.

      · Our regiment will also be setting up our 18X30 marquee tent as the
      social and dinner tent for the weekend and shelter in case of foul weather.

      · The Rotary Club of Barrie will at Fort Willow from 11:00am till
      2:00pm selling lunch. They will be selling corn on the cob, hamburgers,
      sausages, hot dogs, juices and bottled water. All re-enactors are
      encouraged to purchase lunch as the proceeds go towards improving and
      maintaining the Nine Mile Portage Trail.

      · Fort Willow is always open to the public and we are asking that
      everyone when on site is in period kit and keep their encampment free of
      visible modern equipment. The peak time for public attending the site will
      be from 11:00am till around 4:00pm on Saturday as the Township of
      Springwater, the City of Barrie and the village of Minesing are organizing
      trail walks that all lead to Fort Willow.

      · As a fund raiser for our group and the Fort Willow Improvement Group
      we will be offering the public a chance to fire a period musket in a redcoat
      and shako/forage cap. Price for this unique opportunity will be $3.00 for
      one shot or two shots for $5.00. All safety precautions have been thought
      of including safety glasses and hearing protection.

      · After dinner on Saturday evening there will be socializing, music,
      games, etc., under or near the large marquee tent. All are welcomed!

      · Directions to the site are as follows - Take Hwy 400 North or South
      to County Road/Hwy 90. Proceed west along Hwy 90 for 5 km and turn right
      onto George Johnston Road. When you come to the railway tracks you will
      turn left onto Portage Trail and proceed for 3km until you reach Fort
      Willow. The route is well signed.

      · If you have any concerns or questions leading up to the event please
      contact me via e-mail or home number at 705-549-0463. From Friday,
      September 16th to Sunday, September 18th, I may be reached on my cell at
      705-716-7124. Cell phone reception at Fort Willow is not 100% reliable due
      to its physical and remote location.

      · At this point the long range forecast is partly sunny for Friday and
      Saturday and sunny for Sunday. This could and will most likely change!!
      Hopefully we will have a rain free weekend.

      · Bring bug repellent as we are in the bush above a major wetland.

      Tentative Re-enactors Schedule for the Weekend

      Saturday, September 17th/05

      11:00am till 2:00pm - Rotary Lunch

      11:00am - Full Kit Drill/Musket Demonstration

      12:15am - Mortar Drill/Demonstration

      1:00pm - Uniform and Civilian Clothing Discussion/Fashion Show

      1:45pm - Iron Man and Iron Women Competition

      2:30pm - Full Kit Drill/Musket Demonstration

      3:15pm - Mortar Drill/Demonstration

      6:30pm - Pot Luck Dinner - Large Marquee Tent

      9:00pm - Social Activities - Large Marquee Tent

      Sunday, September 18th/05

      11:00am - Full Kit Drill/Musket Demonstration

      12:00am - Mortar Drill/Demonstration

      1:00pm - Uniform and Civilian Clothing Discussion/Fashion Show

      2:00pm - Full Kit Drill/Musket Demonstration

      3:00pm - Mortar Drill/Demonstration

      4:00pm - Garrison Weekend Officially Closed

      This schedule is flexible and suggestions and any other activities you would
      like to add to the weekend please let me know.
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