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Re: [WarOf1812] Re: Too many events? A Great Opportunity!

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  • ray hobbs
    In my previous mailing I was not pitting big events against smaller events , and would never do that. Each event must generate its own integrity and
    Message 1 of 8 , Aug 31, 2005
      In my previous mailing I was not pitting "big events" against "smaller
      events", and would never do that. Each event must generate its own
      integrity and character.
      Personally, I do not believe there are too many events. There are
      events that I cannot attend, but I am very pleased to see them on the
      calendar. The amount of activity demonstrates a live and growing hobby.
      What I am advocating is to build on this and for units to get involved
      in their local communities, through museums, schools, etc. to generate
      local interest in the history of the period. This is by no means as
      difficult as one may think.
      I think this has been a good thread. I believe I have said my piece.
      Till the next thread develops
      Yrs etc.
      Ray Hobbs
      CO 41st Regt.

      On Tuesday, August 30, 2005, at 11:31 PM, Dale wrote:

      > I, too, have been holding back and watching this one develop. Now,
      > for what it's worth, I'll add my two cents' worth...
      > Big events are a blast, and certainly provide the highest visibility
      > for our hobby. I love doing them, and try to make it to as many as my
      > schedule allows. BUT... damn, they tend to be hard work! After one of
      > the big events, with so much going on all the time, I tend to be dog
      > tired for several days. I would imagine I'm not the only one who
      > feels this way. If all the events were big ones, I think the burnout
      > factor would be hugely increased.
      > Smaller events tend to be more laid back, with a lighter schedule of
      > events. They're great for getting out and just enjoying the camping,
      > a minor battle or two, and the company of our fellow enthusiasts.
      > They also have the benefit, for many reenactors, of providing events
      > to attend on those weekends where scheduling allows for attendance,
      > but no large event is running. (Remember, for a lot of people,
      > attendance at every big event is impossible. Real life has a terribly
      > rude habit of infringing on our reenacting time.)
      > So, I think that smaller events are definitely worthwhile. I WILL
      > agree, however, that we should very actively dissuade smaller events
      > from being planned in conflict with large ones, or from having two
      > major events conflicting, except where there is a very considerable
      > geographical separation (say, more than one day's drive) beween the
      > events in question. Otherwise, we end up robbing Peter to pay Paul,
      > so to speak.
      > Keep yer powder dry.
      > ~Dale
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