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EVENTS (was Fort Niagara)

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  • lalozon
    From: Michael Mathews ... L2: ... and there will be even more as we get closer to 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015. Every town/city will want
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 24, 2005
      From: "Michael Mathews" <ciefranche21e@...>

      > Are there too many events ?? -- Yes

      L2: ... and there will be even more as we get closer to 2012, 2013, 2014,
      Every town/city will want an 1812 presence for their celebrations.

      Some have been asked to run their annual events every three years,
      but this has fallen on deaf politicians ears.


      > "... the 1812 hobby ... a significant number are micro events. If it
      could be co-ordinated ... each event should only meet every other year ...
      With so very many events ... no wonder people don't want to drive ... I
      think the hobby would be better if it wasn't so diluted by a wealth of

      L2: ... Some events that were supposed to be one time efforts are now yearly
      events. With so many events close to home ... why drive? ....

      Well ... if you want a big 1812 event like Fort Meigs 2004 and Fort George
      2006 ... you had better drive to the Annual 1812 Grand Tactical ... no
      matter where it is being held ...

      ... if not ... and the attendance dwindles ... the people like Peter Twist,
      Steve Abolt and Rob Trumbull and their committee will stop arranging it.

      The two Crown Forces Events, not counting the Crown Forces School, Fort York
      ... were also co-ordinated for large Crown Forces turn out.

      Some USA Units have told me they attend expecting a large Crown Force to
      oppose them.

      With Fort Niagara changing it's 1812 date to accommodate 1812 re-enactors
      ... and many not attending ... these great sites will also eliminate their
      1812 events. (we are the smallest time period)

      The only thing left will be the small 1812 Dog and Pony shows with 20
      muskets each side and the camp set up next to the ferris wheel and
      snowmobile dealer.

      Why drive? ...... Kuz some of us want larger 1812 events!

      Ask Stephen Allie, Steve Abolt, Don Zorniak ... and the list goes on ... who
      drive many miles and days to attend 1812 events ...

      My hat is off to Mr. Mathews, Windsor, Harris, Hobbs and others who have
      raised their banner to USA/Canada border crossing, attending events, et mor

      The Annual 1812 Grand Tactical location and date will soon be announced

      The Crown Forces Events location and date will soon be announced

      Tell your unit you want to attend ...

      I suggest 'ALL' Units choose then for their "All Up Events" if not ...

      oh well ....
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