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Fort Erie Dispatch

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  • lalozon
    ============================== TO: CROWN FORCES NORTH AMERICA Unit Commanders, Please Inform your members ============================== I am directed to
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 9, 2005
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      Unit Commanders,

      Please Inform your members


      I am directed to forward the following

      L. Lozon ~ AdC

      Crown Forces North America
      July 8

      Mr. Pickles, Commander, Crown Forces North America


      I offer my report from Fort Erie Aug 6-7.

      The report from Sergeant Major Hal Dennison, counts the Crown Forces
      Infantry to consist of 1st Regt. Grenadier Co., 1st Regt. Light Co., 6th
      Regt. Light Co., 8th Regt. Grenadier Co., 41st Regt. Line Co., 41st Regt.
      Ft. George Guard, 49th Regt. Line Co., 49th Regt. Grenadier Co., Royal
      Newfoundland Regt., Glengarry Light Fencible Regt., Incorporated Militia of
      Upper Canada and Lincoln Militia. The 89th Regt. Grenadier Co. and Norfolk
      Militia were used to bolstered the American lines.

      We were successful in regaining Fort Erie after many attempts. The
      weather much improved from that of the same experienced at Fort George aided
      in the Crown Forces North America victory Sunday.

      My appreciation to all Crown Forces North America who attended and our
      capable opponents, USA Forces and their commanders, under Rob Trumbull.

      The 'NEW" Crown Forces Military Camp was successfully accomplished on
      the field North of the Fort by Mr. Doug DeCroix, Interim Quartermaster. This
      was accomblished by the use of Lochee's Essay on Castrametation. Lieutenant
      Josh Bodie, 6th (1st Warwickshire) Regt. performed the duties of Crown
      Forces Adjutant admirably on a minutes notice.

      Quartermaster DeCroix also has another 'NEW" Crown Forces Military Camp
      configuration for the Crown Forces Event Aug 20-21 Fort Niagara. Before
      setting up your tent, REGISTER and look at the "official" map.

      VERY NECESSARY is the NUMBER of mouths and tents per unit attending Aug
      20-21 Fort Niagara ... in order that food stuffs may be ordered and the camp
      has enough real estate to be laid out correctly. Unit Commanders (Contacts)
      please contact Doug DeCroix d_squared6@... "YESTERDAY" with this

      Aug 20-21 Fort Niagara is the last Crown Forces Event of 2005 and 'All'
      Crown Forces are encouraged to attend.

      Your Servant

      Peter Twist
      Brigadier General

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