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Wasaga under Siege 2005

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    Dear Re-enactors and Participants, On behalf of the Town of Wasaga Beach, Nancy Island Historic Site, Ontario Parks and the Historic Military Establishment of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 29, 2005
      Dear Re-enactors and Participants,

      On behalf of the Town of Wasaga Beach, Nancy Island Historic Site,
      Ontario Parks and the Historic Military Establishment of Upper Canada I
      would like to thank all the re-enactors and participants who attended Wasaga
      under Siege this past weekend. The event was a great success with just
      under 500 re-enactors participating. A big thanks goes out to everyone who
      helped make this event successful by participating in the battles, parades,
      pillaging, raiding parties and animation within the grand encampment at
      Nancy Island. A big thanks for everyone's patience getting on and off the
      island and using the shuttle service getting back and forth from the parking
      lot area. I would like to thank Tanglefoot, Hardtack and Harmony, Gopher
      Baroque, Periwinkle Rose, Paul Haslem, Dr. Quimby and the Corp of Drums 1812
      for providing great music and entertainment. E.L.M catering provided great
      food and St. John Ambulance did an excellent job and was kept very busy as
      they provided 24hr first aid on-site service. The biggest thank you goes
      out to my crew and the staff at Nancy Island who worked extremely hard
      setting up, driving the golf cars, registration, admissions, snack bar,
      shuttle service and various other duties too numerous to mention and of
      course clean-up and take down. I would personally like to thank the
      following people for their extra effort in making this event happen:

      Marilyn Beecroft - Natural Heritage Education Specialist - Ontario Parks
      Jessica Jackson and her summer staff - Nancy Island Historic Site
      Andrea Hazelwood - Town of Wasaga Beach
      Volunteers - Friends of Nancy Island
      Roger Flint - RNR
      Ed Kristufek - RNR
      Gordon Deans - RNR
      Peter Monahan - RNR
      Elizabeth Woodley - RNR
      Lisa Brunelle - RNR
      JP Johnson - RNR
      Mackenzie Gallinger - RNR
      Kevin Brookes - RNR

      I would also like to thank our local sponsors who also helped make this
      event possible:

      Town of Wasaga Beach
      Ontario Parks
      Nancy Island Historic Site
      Friends of Nancy Island
      Historic Military Establishment of Upper Canada
      Lions Club of Wasaga Beach
      Lioness Club of Wasaga Beach
      Kinnette Club of Wasaga Beach
      The Peak 95.1 FM
      Studs Lonigans Bar & Grill
      Cottages at Wasaga
      Majors Guardian Pharmacy

      A big heart filled thank you goes out to all the re-enactors who spent
      numerous hours on Saturday evening helping the O.P.P. and park staff search
      for a little 6 year old boy that went missing on the beach on Saturday
      Afternoon. Tragically his body was found in the water near the mouth of the
      Nottawasaga River the following day around 2:00pm by a park staff. Your
      efforts did not go unnoticed and were very thoughtful and caring.

      The 50/50 draw was won by Paula Ritchie of the 25th US Infantry from Orillia
      and she took home $278.50. Thank you to everyone who purchased a ticket and
      also to Marilynn Wooldridge for helping to sell tickets as well. I would
      also like to thank Judy Glen for helping out in co-ordinating sutlers row. I
      would also like to thank the Ships Company of Penetanguishene, Amherstburg
      Provincial Marine, The Alliance Crew and the Antler River Brigade for
      bringing there boats and canoe which added greatly to the event.

      The Iron Man contest this year was won by Darryn Flameing of the Royal Scots
      Grenadiers and the Iron Woman competition was won by Sharon Miller of
      Seamstress Miller.

      Mark July 21st -23rd/2006 on your calendar as Wasaga under Siege will once
      again echo through the streets and beaches of Wasaga.


      David J. Brunelle
      Co-ordinator - Wasaga under Siege 2005
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