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Western Squadron

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  • patrick schifferdecker
    Sirs, We are schedule to depart the western reaches in about 30 minutes and will be out of communications until we board the SL II on Friday. Cheers, A/Lt
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 13, 2005
      We are schedule to depart the western reaches in about 30 minutes and will be out of communications until we board the SL II on Friday.
      A/Lt Patrick Schifferdecker NE CFNA

      suthren@... wrote:
      General Signal: Postscript

      Be careful as well that you do not become dehydrated. The event will make
      every effort to have water available, but it is recommended that you bring a
      personal supply of water with you as far as is practical, to which you have
      access over the weekend. Water, and the liberal application of sunblock, are
      important things to remember at all times.

      Victor Suthren
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      Sent: Wednesday, July 13, 2005 1:35 PM
      Subject: [WarOf1812] Navy Hall Encampment: Additional Notes

      > Naval Establishment
      > Crown Forces North America
      > General Signal
      > Fort George/Navy Hall
      > Niagara-on-the-lake, Ontario
      > 15-17 July 2005
      > Additional Notes on Meals and the Navy Encampment
      > The Fort provide free the Breakfasts and Lunches on Saturday and Sunday.
      In the evening of Saturday, as well, it is providing (for a $10 fee) an
      optional BBQ chicken dinner. You must indicate interest in this when you
      Register at Navy Hall.
      > Camp fires are to be permitted under several strict limitations; if you
      intend/wish to have a fire you must clear it with the Fort staff at the time
      of Registration.
      > The 'Splice The Main Brace' reception for all naval personnel will take
      place in Navy Hall at 1600. It will not be a lengthy reception. Bring a
      drinking container if you do not appreciate the finest in plastic cups. Soft
      drinks and mixers will be served on their own, and in support of a Rum Tot,
      issued as long as the rum lasts.
      > The Saturday chicken dinner will also commence being served on Saturday at
      1600, but this is to allow US troops to eat earliest due to their role in
      the Assault landing. Naval personnel attending the 'Splice The Main Brace'
      should have ample time to attend the reception and then move immediately to
      the chicken meal if they are buying it. In all instances naval personnel
      must ensure they EAT EARLY Saturday evening to allow full readiness for the
      evening events, which begin early.
      > I have the Honour to be
      > Yous
      > With great Regard
      > Victor Suthren
      > Squadron Commodore pro tem
      > Naval Establishment
      > G O D S A V E T H E K I N G .
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      square miles: in North America, hundreds determined the fate of THOUSANDS of
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