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Fw: Thank you - Certificate of Insurance

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  • lalozon
    ============================== TO: ALL 1812 FORCES ============================== I am directed to forward the following Unit Commanders, Please Inform your
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      "TO: ALL 1812 FORCES"


      I am directed to forward the following

      Unit Commanders,

      Please Inform your members,

      L. Lozon ~ AdC CFNA

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      From: "Doug DeCroix" <d_squared6@...>


      Thank you all for your understanding a cooperation. Just another reminder
      as to which period is CONSISTENTLY the easiest to work with at Fort Niagara.
      (and the rest of the staff has noticed as well..... well, most of them at

      The big sticking point for most folks is of course the stupid clause which
      says the policy has to name as "also insured" the Old Fort Niagara
      Association and the State of New York. I am being told by some folks that
      their agents issue these types of things at a rate of 50-100 per day, and
      that it costs the policy holder nothing. However, I suspect that in those
      cases, the "other insured" named on the policy is Farmer Ted or someone on
      whose property an event is being held, and not a financially and morally
      bankrupt State. Perhaps it would be possible to name only the OFNA???
      I don't know.

      In any case, Bob and myself have spent several very very long days
      attempting to straighten things out with both our insurance company and the
      State. We hope to find one of a number of ways out of this situation. In
      the meantime, if everyone could just send your certificate of insurance as
      is, that would be fine. As I realize many units are part of the same
      "umbrella" policy, I have no problem at all with Kevin's plan of a
      "collective" response, as long as we list the units covered by the policy,
      so my frazzled brain can keep it all straight. With any luck, we may
      convince the State to let us sign everyone in as "state volunteers" and thus
      avoid this whole problem in the future.
      Keep your fingers crossed!

      In the meantime, thanks again to all for your support and cooperation.

      Free donuts for everyone in August!!!!

      As of this morning I have received a number of certificates in the mail,
      complete with riders covering the OFNA and State of New York (including one
      from the Museum of Applied History/aka Gavin Watt, SR.). So this is
      evidently a possible thing to do --- but again if folks are having problems
      or questions, I would only ask that they call and get in touch with either
      myself or Bob Emerson-- the two of us are doing the legwork collectively on
      this thing.

      Thanks again to everyone for the cooperation and understanding!!!


      Old Fort Niagara
      P.O. Box 169
      Youngstown, NY
      USA 14174-0169
      (716) 745-7611

      August 20-21 Fort Niagara 1812 Weekend
      (Crown Forces Event - All Crown Forces encouraged to attend)

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