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Observations from Fort Meigs

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  • lalozon
    ============================== I respectfully present this After Engagement Report L. Lozon ~ AdC ============================== May 30, 2005 Crown Forces
    Message 1 of 1 , May 30, 2005

      I respectfully present this
      'After Engagement Report'

      L. Lozon ~ AdC

      May 30, 2005

      Crown Forces North America

      Mr. Pickles, Commander, Crown Forces North America


      It is with great pleasure I offer Observations from Fort Meigs May

      The Crown Forces consisting of 1st (Royal Scots) Regt. 'Grenadier
      Co', 8th (Kings) Regt, 41st Regt.41st Regt, 10th Royal Veteran Battalion,
      Royal Newfoundland Regt, Dubney's Royal Navy Gun Crew, etc. made a good
      showing against Brother Jonathan.

      An expeditionary Force under the command of R. Hobbs, Captain (41st)
      assisted by Sergeant Major H. Dennison met the US Forces the weekend past
      near the Maumee River.

      Your Crown Forces Army was well treated by Fort Commander Adam Sakel
      and his assistant Tamia Land along with the staff and volunteers. This is a
      growing event at a very 'Re-enactor Friendly" site.

      I am confident Mr. Twist will report from Stoney Creek this coming

      I am Sir, Yours & etc.,c.
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