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RE: [WarOf1812] barrack boxes (chest)

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  • Kristufek, Eduard
    Rich, After reading the article i ve always assumed the box size was 18 by 18 inches by 3 feet. Are there any other historical references? Thanks edk ...
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      After reading the article i've always assumed the box size was 18 by 18
      inches by 3 feet. Are there any other historical references?



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      > Robert Henderson found a reference to soldier's box sizes for the the
      > and this does not match the Parks ones. I think that the article is on
      > website.

      I believe this is the article Dave is referring to:

      http://www.warof1812.ca/boxes.htm <http://www.warof1812.ca/boxes.htm>

      British Soldier's Boxes During the War of 1812
      by Robert Henderson

      The British Army was encumbered with numerous bags, crates and
      boxes. Each company alone had arms chests, mess chests, ammunition chests,
      and so on. Considering this, great pains were made to limit personal baggage
      of the common soldier. Only married people or sergeant's with specific
      responsibilities were permitted boxes for their belongings.

      Each married person in the 41st Regiment were permitted to have a
      "box each three foot long by eighteen inches wide with the name of their
      husbands in full letters on the cover or side." The same size of box was
      allowed for the pay sergeants of each company. It is quite likely the boxes
      were also marked with the letter of the company and/or the regiment. Other
      individual boxes that may have appeared in the barracks included those
      belonging the master tailor, drum major, school master, sergeant armourer,
      and master shoemaker. The intended use of the boxes varied from individual
      to individual. Married peoples boxes were intended for the excess baggage
      caused by the clothes of the soldier's wife. Company pay, mess and order
      books, and a manual of platoon exercises, would have under lock and key in
      the pay sergeant's box, along with writing impediments and personal effects.
      John Shipp, while serving as a drummer in the 22nd Regiment, recounted how
      the drum major used his box to lock away Shipp's civilian clothes after he
      enlistment. The tradesmen boxes would have contained tools of their trade
      and the account books listing the work that had been done and by whom. In
      addition, one former tailor master of the 89th Regiment had in his trunk
      which was stolen from Fort York in 1815:

      several articles of wearing apparel etc... a superfine blue cloth coat, new,
      two white vests, one having 3 rows of buttons, and one kerseymere vest
      partly made, several shirts and pairs of stockings, a dressing case and 3
      pairs of razors, having white handles, a gold watch-chain; seal and key, an
      opera glass, a variety of books, among which are Goldsmith's Rome, Homer's
      Illead and Odessey, Milton's Paradise Lost, Thompson's Seasons, Gray's
      Poetical Works, Burn's Poems, Elegant Extracts, several Books of Plays, etc.

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